Top 5 Low-Cut Trunks and Jockstraps, Your Weekend Match!

Top 5 Low-Cut Trunks and Jockstraps, Your Weekend Match!

Weekends are for staying out late, sleeping in and having a lot of fun in between. And when you’re having a wicked good time, wearing great fitting, comfortable underwear can feel like a match made in heaven. Of course, your choice of underwear should really depend on the type of activities on the to-do list. Here’s a brief guide to help you find your weekend match.

FEEL SUAVE Mini Boxer – Black

Thanks to the intricately
concealed waistband, the black mini boxer has an extra low rise that looks as sexy as it fits. And if you plan to sweat a lot, then this is the underwear you will need, to expel moisture and resist abrasion that can make underwear suddenly feel like pins and needles whenever there’s constant movement.

microfiber technology makes it perfect for high impact activities. But the most popular feature is the large pouch with the unique FEEL concept that gently lifts the genitals away from the thighs and adapts to the wearer’s form and habits. Find it also in BurgundyTurquoise and Mink.

X3D Mini Boxer – Black

The main feature of the Black mini boxer underwear is its X3D ergonomic pouch that offers complete support to the male anatomy,
lifting the testicles up and out to avoid injury and discomfort. The low cut comes from the super slim concealed waistband that completes the body hugging fit for an attractive, form fitting look, thanks to the stretchy microfiber. Available also in white.

GYM Jockstrap – White Mesh

You’ll never have to worry about discomfort when you’re wearing the
athletic jockstrap in GYM style. Featuring an ergonomic and roomy pouch, the Cotton-elastane blend is especially ideal to expel sweat and moisture.

The Ergowear signature waistband includes wide elastic straps attached to the ergonomic pouch, which itself is designed to
enhance the genitals with a slight lift and firm support. This underwear is a great choice for an active day or warm temperatures. Also available on Grey mesh with black waistband.

FEEL Classic Boxer – Blue Gold

The 40 mm signature waistband in golden finish featuring a single Ergowear logo in the front is what defines these
classic fitted men’s boxers. They feature a roomy and enhancing FEEL pouch, which is manufactured with the exclusive SUAVE microfiber.

The pouch design provides full ergonomic support for the male anatomy, but it is the comfort and sophistication of the FEEL Classic Boxer that make it the perfect
underwear choice for a relaxing weekend. Try the Brief or Midcut styles for a relaxed look.

Swim Mini Trunk – Black/Lime

Whether you’re at
the pool or the beach, the men’s swim boxer brief mini trunks is an excellent choice for swimming, that is, if you’re one of the lucky few without Freudian fears of showing off.

One reason for this is the adaptable pouch, a feature of the unique
FEEL pouch concept in male swimwear that contours its shape to the wearer’s habits.

This highly supportive mini trunk is made with the fast drying Polyamid/elastin fabric, and features a
concealed black drawstring for easy adjustment. A contrasting lime-colored insert creates a slimming effect that enhances the rear for an even sexier look. Other versions also include the Black/Red and Black/Indigo.

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