Top 13 Woman-Approved Pouch Underwear for Dad’s

Top 13 Woman-Approved Pouch Underwear for Dad’s

Still wondering what to give to your man, dad, friend or sibling this father’s day? Dread no more, introducing your Top 10 woman-approved pouch underwear for dads.

Top 13 Woman-Approved Pouch Underwear for Dad's

One thing that EVERYONE should know is that underwear should not be considered a lesser item in the world of out of the box gifts for dad. Taking apart the regular ties, gloves, socks and even wallets, your
daddy probably deserves something better this year. So we’ve compiled a list of the best styles in underwear for men, chosen either by females, or women-approved based on customer reviews.

If you’re a regular into our men’s underwear blog, you might have read our
post from last month about how we deal with our underwear and swimwear reviews.

In case you missed it, here’s
a link to it.

TL;DR: If an underwear company is not comfortable sharing their reviews system, perhaps you should not feel comfortable shopping at their online store.

Before we dive into the meat of this week’s post, we’ll explain a bit
our process in creating it.

While not as complex as it may sound, we simply filtered and selected those products that had been
reviewed in the past few months, and still available in our online store.

Then we analyzed the words of each and selected those underwear and swimwear styles that included the most ”
woman-friendliness” keywords. In other words, we tried to include those products which mention words such as “girl likes”, “woman loves”, “girlfriend approves”, “the wife bought”, etc., you get the idea.

The important thing to note here is that we did not curate this list, it was in fact created by
aggregating product reviews which included the words girl, woman, girlfriend.

And speaking of product reviews, you should be alert for our
reviews milestone as soon we’ll be reaching 2,000 reviews since our website update and since we started working with Yotpo.

What does this mean for you? It means that we’ve literally seen it all in terms of
non-traditional men’s underwear. We’ve dealt with all sorts of man-underclothings issues, as well as many more customer under-stories.

So, regarding
buying sophisticated men’s underwear, including the many varieties of pouch underwear and swimwear, we literally got you adequately covered and fully supported.

And without further ado, here’s the list of the
Top 13 Pouch Underwear For daddy’s, as approved by females.

1. FEEL SUAVE Bikini – Burgundy

Sometimes words are useless when the Feeling is Suave

“Very comfortable and my girlfriends favorites. Highly recommended!”

Very comfortable and my girlfriends favorites. Highly recommended!

2. MAX LIGHT Thong – Black

Jeff spoils his thong-wearing girlfriend.

“Never worn a thong before. My girlfriend loves it. I am still trying to get used to wearing it. It is a little bit like the first time that you wear a pair of flip flops with that thing between your toes. Really strange at first because it just feels strange. But the more you get used to it the more manageable it is. Figure that with enough time; it wouldn’t be much of an issue. Since my girlfriend spends tonnes of $$$ on sexy and uncomfortable lingerie. I figured that it would be nice to spoil her ever now and then by wearing these.”

My girlfriend loves it.

3. FEEL SUAVE Mini Boxer – Burgundy

An out of this planet review.

“I have tried many underwear styles from Ergowear, but this one is the best. I would stress any buyer to decide the size carefully using the company’s sizing guide. (I was surprised to fall into the mid- large area). The Suave fabric is seriously comfortable. It feels so silky on my skin, as all Ergowear this underwear is supportive, but the Feel line has ample room in the pouch for those of us who need it. My girlfriend and I also really like the look of them. The only possible downside I can see is that they are hand wash only, but it is a small price to pay for the best underwear on the planet.”

My girlfriend and I also really like the look of them

4. MAX LIGHT Boxer – Black

Someone should be getting pampered, and admired.

“I have been wearing Ergowear underwear for years and just recently bought some MAX Boxers. I love the way they hold my package forward, so I am not feeling the pressure of my legs all day long, and they fit so tight without the bulky, elastic issue, that it feels that I have nothing on, but yet I am supported. My wife also loves the way they look and feel.”

My wife also loves the way they look and feel.

5. MAX PREMIUM Boxer – Heather

And we have a winner! Or shall we say, two, err, three, oops, confused!

“Its a very comfortable boxer I love how it fits me and how it looks. And I notice that the girls keep sneaking a peek. Lol”

the girls keep sneaking a peek

6. X3D Thong – White

With all due respect, we have a crush on Mo’s girlfriend.

“This thong is unbelievably agreeable to wear. The cut, fabric, and the stitching are second to none. It molds and supports gently. The feeling, the touch and the look are amazing. It will last very long if you hand wash it. My girlfriend told me it was about time that somebody made underwear for men with the care and attention they use to have for underwear for women.”

My girlfriend told me it was about time that somebody made underwear for men with the care and attention they use to have for underwear for women.

7. X3D Mini Boxer – Black

We’re simply going to say, oh the c-o-m-f-o-r-t.

“Love my Underwear ….. it is all I wear now ….. just like my girlfriend gently holding my ……..”


8. X3D Thong – Black

I think you forgot they can boost your performance too!

“My girlfriend loves when I wear these. Super supportive with an enhancing look. My underwear of choice at the gym and did I mention comfortable?”

My girlfriend loves when I wear these

9. X3D Bikini – Black

You got it David!

“Have bought about eight pairs of bikinis in varied styles. Extremely comfortable and great to wear, you don’t even know you have them on. No thick elastic seams that dig into your sides. Best underwear around. I love them, and so does my girlfriend when she sees me in them. Keep up the good work Ergowear; I’ll be buying from no one else.”

I love them, and so does my girlfriend when she sees me in them

10. FEEL SUAVE Mini Boxer – Mink

Rob’s wife is delighted.

“I recently purchased the Feel Suave mini boxer and X3D mini both are the best feeling and fitting underwear I have had the privilege of owning. After ordering a pair, I am ready to throw out all my other undies and replace them with all of the ERGOWEAR Feel Suave line. Once you slip these on, you will feel as though nothing is on, super soft as if it were a cloud you were wearing. My wife thinks they are super sexy, and I must agree they make you feel it!!! Can’t wait to order more!!!”

My wife thinks they are super sexy, and I must agree they make you feel it!!!

11. FEEL Swim Mini Trunk – Black/Red

And if your wife feels that way, can you imagine what others feel like?

“Outstanding fit and comfort. The wife cannot keep her eyes off of me. Very satisfied!!!”

The wife cannot keep her eyes off of me

12. MAX SUAVE Thong – Black

That must be a lucky thong.

“I highly recommend this thong. Great fitting and my wife loves it. Feels great when I wear it all day under my suit. Will be ordering more!”

Great fitting and my wife loves it

13. FEEL Mini Boxer – Black

Bombs away!

“I am a 32/33 waist, 6 ft and 205 lbs with a muscular butt/thighs and I got a medium. I love the (extremely) low rise look, and the pouch that actually cradles your junk perfectly. These things are the bomb. Love them…and so does the wife!

Love them...and so does the wife!

There you go. So you might want to think twice about getting your daddy another watch, drone, electric razor, tablet, smartphone or

After all, do you know the average usage time for drills is one hour during its lifetime? Now, why would you want to give THAT as a

So, what are you waiting? Instead of giving away those
annoying boy toys, why not impress your daddy this year with something sexy for a change?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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