To Pouch or Not to Pouch…Is the Question to Ask When Buying Underwear

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To Pouch or Not to Pouch…Is the Question to Ask When Buying Underwear

When buying underwear, will you decide to pouch underwear or not to pouch? You may want to think twice. There’s many benefits of these pouch underwear.

When was the last time you bought yourself a pair of underwear? Was it last week? A few months ago? Over a year ago? Wait… have you ever even bought yourself underwear? Assuming you have, when you purchased this underwear, did you walk into your local discount store or department store and buy a pack of whatever was on sale? Or did you look for the colors and designs that caught your attention? Some guys like to always buy the same pack with the same style and color every time. 

My friends, underwear is not meant to be an afterthought – or a no thought. It is meant to be a conscious decision to purchase something that benefits you (and your bulge) while also looking good and feeling good. You would never walk into a store and grab a pair of jeans, pay for them, and wear them whether they fit right or felt comfortable, would you? And you indeed wouldn’t walk into Foot Locker and buy the newly released Nikes without trying them on first. 

So why would you grab a random pack of underwear and tell your jewels to deal with it? If this is you – and this is what you do — now is the time to change. See, there is a new sheriff in town – the pouch – and you have to decide whether you will welcome him into your pants or throw up a keep out sign.

Underwear is not what it used to be, and it is not meant just to be a random decision. You don’t ask yourself what pack you want to buy on the store shelf of yesterday’s style. Instead, you need to get with the times and know the benefits of what is available to you. Do you get a pouch or not? That’s the question you should be asking. 

Perks of the Pouch Underwear

The pouch is one of those additions to underwear that pockets are to jeans. It is hard to get through a day wearing pants with no pockets. Once you try lingerie with a pouch, you will feel the same way. 

Here’s why you may find yourself pro-pouch: 


First of all, the pouch is not all about looking good. But, uh, every guy wants to look like he is walking around with a bulge in his pants. It surely is a confidence booster. And, let’s be honest for a minute – confidence is key to succeeding at anything in life. You can talk your way into a job you have no qualifications for – if you are confident enough. You can score the phone number of the best catch in the room with confidence – even if you know, you truly have no game whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what you don’t have — it matters what you do have: confidence. 

The same rule applies for pouch underwear – it doesn’t matter what you don’t have in your pants because your pouch underwear will make it look like you are carrying all that and a bag of chips. You will feel good. And you will soar high at everything you do because of the confidence they bring. 

Not too shabby for a pair of underwear, right? Bet your pack of discount store underwear in varied designs can’t do that. 

Cool and Comfortable

While confidence is necessary, it is not the only thing that matters. You want underwear that you can feel comfortable in – like those perfect jeans. You want to go through an entire day and not have to think about how your underwear is riding up, getting twisted, pinching you, and so forth. Besides, who wants to even think about their underwear? There are so many more important things worthy of your attention. Like – what’s for dinner? 

Pouch underwear is designed to be ergonomic. You know, it holds your family jewels as if they were jewels. They are supported as they are lifted up and away from the body. This means no sagging, sticking to your leg, getting pinched between your legs, and so forth. 

Keeping you up and away from the body also means keeping you more relaxed. Face it – your balls get sweaty, and that whole area is one of the hottest, moistest places around town. And there is a good chance that – at some point in life – you have likely found yourself dealing with jock itchchafing, rashes, itching, and more thanks to the perfect bacteria-breeding conditions in your underwear. 

But with a pouch, you will find yourself cooler and drier. The material the pouch is made of is more breathable, too. So with everything supported in the way it is supposed to without being subjected to tight packaging, you will find that being relaxed and comfortable is enjoyable. 

Get Moving

Have you ever tried running with everything smacking you and bouncing around as you did? It doesn’t feel very good. Whether you are working out, playing a basketball or soccer game, or trying your hand at boxing, you need to move. You want to move. But it would help if you also kept your package safe

Regular underwear doesn’t successfully get the job done. It doesn’t. Even if you think it does – give pouch underwear a try and then try to convince us that your regular old underwear supports you. With a pouch, you will have the elasticity to move with ease and remain cooler (and drier) while doing so. 

So, To Pouch Underwear or Not to Pouch? 

Alright, so we have made it back to the question of the day: to pouch or not to pouch? This is precisely what you should ask yourself next time you buy underwear. Though, we already know the answer, don’t we? 

It’s like asking yourself if you should eat ice cream or drink hot chocolate on a super hot day. The answer is obvious – eat the ice cream and buy the pouch. You will never look back


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