The History of Men’s Activewear Shorts

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The History of Men’s Activewear Shorts

Activewear shorts aren’t all that new. But with built in pouch underwear? Now that’s new. Learn about the perks and benefits.

Let’s stop for just a moment and appreciate the fact that technology and general advancements in the way we live have really saved us. Just think about it. 

We don’t have to spend weeks on a large ship to get to Europe. (Titanic, anyone?) 

We don’t have to let leeches suck an infection away using bloodletting.

We don’t have to court a partner based on a family setup. 

We don’t have to grab shoes and a flashlight to run outside when nature calls in the middle of the night.

We don’t have to wear a loincloth to play frisbee with our friends!

Know what else has changed? Men’s activewear. Let’s take a look at how far we have come so we can show some gratitude, shall we? 

Activewear Shorts Way Back in the 1800s

Leisurewear meant getting comfortable and out of restrictive clothing and moving around more freely into more functional, loose clothing. It was during this time that this leisure concept began to form. Though, it was more about the idea of removing your suit coat and loosening your tie type of comfort. Not really what you’d imagine ever playing a game of rugby in, but we are talking 19th Century here. 

Let’s move on… 

Leisurely Wear In the 1920s and 1930s

Moving into the 20th Century, things start to take a bold turn. Women in shorter-than-normal skirts to play tennis? Oh boy. This is when people finally started looking at sports as actual leisure activities that deserve their clothing wear—no more loosening collars.

Really, these may have been more comfortable shirts and shorts, but they still had collars. And they still looked much more formal than what we’d see today. 

America became one of the biggest producers of this leisurely sportswear because, unlike France and other European countries, our options were affordable. Besides, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on sportswear that will soon don dirt and big grass stains?

The 1960’s Welcomed Nylon

Things were changing for sportswear in the 1950s and 1960s. First, nylon material was introduced after World War II thanks to being heavily used in military gear. Nylon was then used to make wind suits and running shorts — which turned out to be a great decision. For example, runners were no longer restricted by thick materials like denim but could enjoy the nylon’s easy movement and comfortable stretch while running. 

Plus, with the addition of machine knitting, everything could be double knitted and produced at a much faster rate. So not only was there an increase of supply to meet demand, but the double knitting added an extra layer of security when the physical activity became a little hardcore. 

An Upward Swing Toward the 21st Century

The tracksuit. Need we say more? These things became so popular in the mid-1970s. And they were comfortable. Who knew it would be so cool to walk out in a solid color long sleeve, long pants athletic suit. But it was. And we did it. Well, us older ones, anyways. 

The 2000s – To Today

Finally, we are getting closer. Leisure suits have kept a small part of the athletic population but released the rest. Thank goodness. Basketball shorts and sweat-wicking shirts were introduced at a more mass-produced level. And, a funny trend started happening. Athletic wear became more commonplace as everyday wear. And things like jeans and such took a backseat. There began to be something about being comfortable and fashionable all in one.

Today’s Best Option For Men’s Activewear Shorts

Please take a look in the mirror, my friend. Today’s men – including you – are much stronger, buffer, and tougher than men in the past. Today’s men work hard and play harder. And, this is precisely why they require a particular type of activewear that will keep up with them. Something that will help them reach their fitness goals – and keep going. Something that is durable and up for a challenge. 

Ergowear’s ultimate gym shorts are perfect for training – or even swimming. You can push your limits with them, and they will not let you down. 

We know how important it is to care for our bodies and take steps to protect ourselves in our world. Things that we didn’t necessarily understand how to care for or treat in the past. For instance, something like chafing and jock itch. So activewear shorts today considers those things, making it a much more enjoyable experience. The material is made of light, stretchy, fast-drying polyester fabric — with an elastic mesh interior. Sweat and other wetness can dry up quickly and leave athletes of any caliber feeling cool and dry – and maybe even ready to keep on moving. 

Ergowear’s Revolutionary GYM Activewear Shorts

Men's Gym Short Black Bikini Rear Option - ErgowearMen's Gym Short Black Thong Rear Option - ErgowearMen's Gym Short Black Rear View - Ergowear

Are you ready for the kicker? How about finding a pouch in your activewear? That’s right – a pouch. This is the part of today’s best activewear that would have those from the 19th Century just rolling over in their graves. It is ergonomically designed to support your manhood, hold it up and away from your body so that you can remain cool and comfortably supported all at once. 

Then, you choose a bikini for full coverage inside the gym shorts or a thong for minimal coverage. What you choose should be based on what is comfortable to you — and what you will feel comfortable in as you stay active. These activewear shorts are a game changer.

And just because we can, let’s run down the list of features again: 


● Fully ergonomic design

● 3-dimensional enhancing pouch in half moon pouch design

Bikini or thong design inside

● Manufactured in polyamide-Spandex

● Back pocket with zipper

● Two side pockets

● Waistband with adjustable drawstring

We didn’t want to miss anything. 

Just face it – wine gets better with age, and so do men’s activewear shorts. It is time to let go of the big ol’ baggy basketball shorts you used to wear and experience what it means to have ergonomic shorts that are healthy for your family jewels, healthy for you, and feel great, too. 

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