The 2016 Valentine’s Day Guide to Men’s Thongs

The 2016 Valentine’s Day Guide to Men’s Thongs

Aka. Everything you wanted to know about men’s thongs but were too afraid to ask. Plus 6 sexy products to keep you thonging for more.

The 2016 Valentine's Day Guide to Men's Thongs

Move over girls! Thongs are no longer your domain. Hats off to all the men who are not afraid to wear them. And for those still tethering on the edge of indecision, here are some things you should know about the thong.

  • The modern man finds this style appealing for some reasons. First, like women, they are also worried about panty lines, so a barely there undie that eliminates that problem allows them to wear tighter fitting clothes with ease. Hello, tight denim!
  • Men also like the fact that thongs are multi-purpose underwear. In addition to everyday wear, tangas can also be worn as swimwear. Whether at the pool or on the beach, thongs are perfect for sunbathing, covering the bare essentials while you get tanned in all the right places.
  • Some g strings are designed with pouches that embrace the manhood to help men show off the are sexy. This boost to their sex appeal is one main reason men like thongs!
  • Ditching tight briefs for skimpy thongs can be an excellent feeling. Wearing a thong can feel like wearing nothing at all and for some men, that’s very comfortable and liberating.

When shopping for thongs, it’s a good idea to go beyond style and consider the comfort and support it offers. There will be many styles to choose from, from simple support, to playful and revealing, to the
bold and exotic. Some fit low on the hip, some closer to the waist. It’s all about what you like and your reasons for wearing it. Also, many thong designs are now made with softer,  breathable fabrics that have enough room to fit your manhood comfortably – whatever the size of your package.

If you’re looking for support, then pay attention to the pouch. The cradle-like pouch of the thong should hold your genitals firmly yet gently in a comfortable manner. Of course, if you’re
well endowed, you want to make sure the thong has more room in the pouch to hold your manhood.

You’ll also want to ensure that the g string fits right especially if you’ll be wearing it for
several hours. For some men, a daring, exotic style may not be the right choice for all day wear, but it all depends on your personality and what works for you. Other men may find this style to be just what they’re looking for to strut around the office in those fitted trousers.

Aside from the
liberating feeling, man thongs are just incredibly sexy! Whether you’re looking for an exotic style, a sexy fit, or breathable comfort, there is a thong out there that is calling your name. And with so many designs to choose from, every man should have at least one thong.

Obviously, this post wouldn’t be complete without a few men’s thongs suggestions for you or your guy this 2016 Valentine’s Day. The selection includes suitably stylish tangas that aren’t too
terrifying and might even be a bit revitalizing.

1. For Showing Off the Toosh

FEEL Thong - Pink

FEEL Thong Pink

Perhaps you’re single. Perhaps you’re taken. Either or, you can be sure this
Feel Thong in Pink will make you feel anything but blue.

The comfortable and
adaptable pouch of the Feel line has been one of the best-selling, best- defining features of this style. Its bulge has been tested by all means. You will discover why ‘Ergowear never disappoints’. 😉

2. Vermouth Frenzy

MAX SUAVE Thong - Vermouth

MAX Suave Thong Vermouth

If you’re
well endowed , you’ll love the fit of the MAX Suave pouch. Not only will it offer more support where necessary, but it will also provide you with an extra boost for that special night.

The contrasting color and logo give this thong a
sporty and sexy look. The wide belt will not compress your lower abdomen. With this thong, you will not have to worry about it being stuck in your behind. As the elastic has been manufactured long and wide enough with extra attention to fit and comfort.

The style really
enhances your profile, but also gives the impression of being naked under your pants. In short, this  Vermouth thong is a well-designed string that is good for all circumstances, but especially good for Valentine’s Day.

3. For an Atypical Look

MAX Mesh Thong - Black

MAX Mesh Thong Black

Who says everything has to be pink on Valentine’s Day? If like me, you’re always in the mood to wear black. You’ll love the style of the
MAX Mesh black thong.

The MAX Mesh style offers our signature three-dimensional support with a freshness unrivalled by other
styles. If you want to know what we mean with enhanced freedom, try these on. The mesh fabric on these is super stretchy, yet it runs large, with warranted freshness.

Even if nothing happens on your special Valentines’ Day, wear these and you’ll be
enchanted without any discomfort all V-day long!

4. Pink for V-Day


MAX Thong Pink

Here’s a plan for you to feel sexy even before taking your clothes off. Try the awesome-fitting limited-edition, MAX thong in Pink.

We don’t normally show-off (ok, we do sometimes), but, this time, we just want to share some of the customer comments about this style. “The perfect thong”, “Awesome fitting”, “Comfortable and Stylish”.

Perfect for the confident man, you’ll look and feel sexy with the
Pink Tanga.

5. Bit of Gold


MAX Suave Thong Royal-Gold

This super stylish
Royal-Gold thong fits really good and will give you great support where needed. The super soft fits really good and will give you great support where needed. The super soft fabric will give make you feel pleasured from the moment you put these on until it’s time to take em off.

With plenty of room up front, this thong fits
tight, yet still is worth its price in gold. Get the pun? 😉

The back part on this thong is a bit smaller than the regular MAX Light thongs, but its style will make you feel a
secure fit and still good for a night out.

Don’t be afraid o show some
luxury and style this Valentine’s Day. your partner will thank you for taking the risqué approach.

6. The Invisible Thong


FEEL Suave Thong Vermouth

For the bare-it-all in you, the
Feel Suave Thong Vermouth has been specially designed to give you the impression of going commando, but with a hyper-sexy look and enhancing support that you’ll crave to own more of these.

You’ll love the feel of this Vermouth thong. The fabric is so soft and smooth you’ll feel as if you’re not wearing any underwear at all. And with the
silky pastel Vermouth tone, you can be sure you’ll give the right impression of not wearing any underwear at all.

If you crave for the same feel but would want to experiment with a different color, You can also find them in Mink, Black, Chocolate, or even Dark Turquoise.

To Sum Up

With these many options, don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind yet or simply don’t feel comfortable enough t wear a thong, because really, your choice in g strings doesn’t matter as much as how you feel! This time, Just focus on what’s going to happen when you take’em off.

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