Sweaty boys? Could you be allergic to your underwear?

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Sweaty boys? Could you be allergic to your underwear?

It’s not a very pleasant topic but if you’re constantly itching or experiencing skin discomfort in the genital area, your underwear could be the culprit.

Sometimes, men will have strong
allergic reactions to the materials that make up the underwear, including the dyes and other chemicals in the fabrics, as well as the fabric itself.

Certain materials are more likely to trigger allergies than others, like
latex for example. Latex is a common cause of underwear allergy, especially because this material is often found in the waistband of many underwear brands. The rubber in the latex tends to hold sweat onto the skin for longer, causing even greater skin irritation.

But latex is not the only trouble maker when it comes to
underwear allergies. If you’re a lover of
silk and you’re seeing one too many episodes of soreness in the area around your package, there could be a connection between the
skin irritation and this soft, innocent looking fabric.

Men who are prone to dermatitis may find that wearing silk could lead to a flare up in ‘
jock itch’, a form of dermatitis where the skin in the genital area gets sore and red on a fairly regular basis, particularly when there’s a buildup of moisture.

To avoid these allergic reactions, health experts often recommend that men buy underwear made with
hypoallergenic materials or breathable fabric that will keep the skin dry and lower the risk of irritation. One of the best options is the pouch underwear – a
revolutionary design found in the Ergowear brand of underwear that encourages air flow and allows the genital area to ‘breathe’.

Ergowear has a full line of high quality underwear made with breathable fabric that allows air to circulate freely and reduce sweat.

Moisture wicking men's underwear

Men’s lax underwear, like boxers, midcuts or briefs with a loose fit, when moved against the skin from the day to day activities can rub and cause skin chafing during exercise or any other physical activity. Thus it’s important to learn to choose the right underwear type that won’t give you a rash.

For breathable underwear that quickly removes sweat and keeps the genitals dry, there’s the
ErgoWear FEEL Suave Bikini made with a fast drying microfiber fabric that stays comfortable all day long.

It’s also made with a 3-dimensional pouch which lifts the testicles away from the thighs, preventing irritation and reducing the risk of an allergic reaction.

If you’re in the mood for a sexier cut, try Ergowear’s
MAX Mesh men’s bikini, deemed by some as “the best men’s underwear for sweaty parts“. It’s made of a thin, breathe-through polyester/spandex blend in a mesh design that encourages optimal air flow.

Raising the testicles towards the front, the 3-dimensional pouch is just what the doctor ordered to reduce the buildup of sweat and prevent irritation of the genitals.

Allergies in the genital area can be prevented or at least significantly reduced if you pay attention to the type of underwear that you chose to wear. Moisture-wicking underwear and those made with breathable material are by far the best options.

Best mens underwear for sweaty partsMen's underwear for sweaty balls

It’s also a good idea to change your underwear at least once a day, and practice good hygiene to keep your groin clean. And if you have sensitive skin down there, protect it by choosing from a wide variety of breathable, pouch underwear available under the Ergowear brand.

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