Sexy Men’s Underwear for the Holidays: Stay Cool & Comfy!

Sexy Men’s Underwear for the Holidays: Stay Cool & Comfy!

Here’s a few sexy and stylish male underwear suggestions to welcome the holidays in a classy, comfy and perfectly fitted underwear.

Sexy Men's Underwear for the Holidays: Stay Cool & Comfy!

Are you still wondering what to wear this
Christmas or New Year’s eve under your pants? You probably want to wear something sexy to welcome 2016, but also to give some pleasure to your loved one. Maybe you want to feel comfortable in case there is a rendezvous on the very last night of the year…

Ok, but even if none of these things happen, you don’t want to receive the New Year wearing
old or worn out underwear. You’ve heard the old saying:

You should wear something new during the Holidays in order to keep wearing new things throughout.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of a few
sexy and comfortable men’s underwear styles to keep you feeling cool, comfy and sexy during the holidays, but also to subtly lift your mood, if you know what that means 😉

1. Feel Classic BnB’s

If you’re new into
sophisticated men’s underwear, your safe bet is probable the newly launched collection of boxers and briefs in the Feel Classic line. They offer the best combination of support, style and traditional looks that typical male underwear offers. But with way more style and convenience.

Recently launched as part of our effort to have a product that would serve as a first step into the world of
sophisticated men’s underwear, we think you can’t go wrong when you are just getting started.

The traditional and neutral tones of these styles can be
matched almost with any type of clothing. The fact that they offer a slight improvement from traditional tighty-whities ensure these won’t scare your partner away, if that have never sen you wearing pouch underwear before.

2. Feel special in Pink, Gold or Vermouth

If you were one of the lucky one’s to get one of the
limited and special editions of men’s underwear in PinkVermouth or the MAX Gold collection, don’t hesitate to include them as part of your outfit during the holidays.

If you haven’t got these already (and although we can’t assure you’ll find them in your size), we definitely suggest you take a look at the available sizes. You really don’t want to miss the
hot looks of these styles, hot enough so you won’t experience any cold during these cool times.

They will give you a
fancy and superior fit, as well as a hot and stylish look. And as a customer recently wrote us:

Celebrating in the mini boxer would be hot…a vermouth…dry…stirred. ..yum
I plan on going shopping soon. Gotta be Suave for the holidays….:

3. The X in 3D

You’ve probably been a fan of our MAX and Feel styles for some time, but perhaps you feel like you want to try something better this year. There is no better product than our
highly-sought, sexy and stylised X3D Suave style.

Ideal for males looking for a pouch that is prominent, yet comfortable. The X3D line now comes in Suave, a fabric made of a blend of
90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Perfect to provide durability, comfort, and lift not seen on regular cotton.

The fabric has been included in several of our flagship products, but we are suggesting you to try it on the X3D line. With its
nose-shaped, up-and-to-the-front look, you are definitely going to feel special during that special night.

New Year’s Eve is all about making changes, why not include something more
risqué into your outfit and have the X3D Bikini give you the needed boost during the holidays?

4. A jock for jocks

We know you are a
gym junkie. You simply won’t go to bed if you know you haven’t finished your abs or biceps routine. So what better way for displaying your macho, gym-lover look than wearing a jock during these holiday times.

Jockstrap offer a style that regular underwear won’t match. With more than enough
breathability and convenience, the straps on our MAX jocks have been carefully manufactured and sewn specifically to avoid any itching or discomfort.

While you will be feeling all
comfortable and airy, during your holiday dinner or party, you certainly won’t be missing your macho and gym junkie feel. Try the mesh styles for an even airier mood.

5. MAX Premium for a MAX experience

While some will prefer to have a coloured holiday, others will prefer to keep it safe and comfy, with a traditional loo, and there is no better option than the hight rated
MAX Premium collection of boxers, bikinis and midcuts in heather or white.

Offering a
moderate color palette, and manufactured in a cotton-lycra fabric, these styles are extremely comfortable and skin tight, yet offer a support that’s just perfect for any situation. Whether casual, for work and even to go to bed (maybe)!

Max Premium styles provide enough support with their signature waistband, as well as more than enough room with its prominent nose-shaped pouch. This is the first version of MAX and since its inception, it was manufactured to resemble cotton as much as possible, but with the added benefits of lycra for increased durability and elasticity.

The product is ideal for any occasion, since it is extremely comfortable, yet, offers a
sexy lift to your manhood. We are suggestion the MAX Premium heather midcuts or mini boxers for these times. Either, or, your jewels will feel MAX’ed!

Wrapping it all up…

So, we’ve given you a few mens’ underwear suggestions to include in your
holiday outfit this Christmas and New Year’s eve. pelase share your pics if you do wear any of these, we’ll def promote them! And don’t forget to always stay safe, you don’t want yourself involved in a
panties/burglary scenario, or do you?

And don’t forget one things, its good to wear sexy mens underwear, but it is even sexier to feel sexy.

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