Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear’s New Collections

Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear's New Collections - Ergowear

Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear’s New Collections

Ergowear’s new collections offer long boxer briefs, thongs, briefs, jockstraps and more to make you feel comfortable and confident.

There are two types of people in this world: folding their underwear and opening and tossing their underwear in. Which one are you? Do you search through your underwear drawer, whether folded or not, to find the perfect pair of underwear to start your day? Or do you grab whatever is on top?

Believe it or not, your underwear habits say a lot about you and your personality. But, before we move on to uncover what yours is displaying, you should know that wearing the same type of underwear every day is dull – for you and whoever else gets to see them. So, let this be your annual reminder to rethink your underwear drawer and spice it up with some of Ergowear’s new collections.

What Your Current Underwear Says About You

There are old-fashioned briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. Thongs, G-strings, bikinis, and jockstraps, too. What do you wear most? Which type takes up the most space in your underwear drawer? Here’s what it says about you.

For the Brief Guy

Guys who are most comfortable wearing the briefs their dad and grandpa used to wear may be a little stuck in the pre-pubescent era of life. Maybe you haven’t found a reason to change, or perhaps you like the comfort and nostalgia they bring. Let’s ask – are you comfortable dropping your drawers in front of others? Or are you embarrassed to show off your tighty-whities? If you are comfortable, perhaps you have a high confidence level to pull off the brief. If not, it’s time for a change. Brief-wearing guys are often the ones you turn to when you have some home-improvement chores that need attention, no?

For the Boxer Guy

No support, they bunch up, and they are uncomfortable – except maybe to lounge around the house. If your underwear drawer is full of boxers, you may perhaps like to drink with the guys at home and, well, not do much else. You are free and don’t care much about time. Motto? It is what it is. It is time to leave these unhealthy undies behind.

Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear's New Collections - Ergowear

For the Boxer Brief Guy

This is the area where a lot of guys reach – and then get stuck. Boxer briefs offer support like briefs but with a bit more material coverage to boost confidence. It’s a look that many women like, and – if you have it – you flaunt it with pride. Boxer brief guy is a bit nerdy, and a bit cool, all rolled up in one.

Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear's New Collections - Ergowear

For the Thong, G-String, Bikini, or Jockstrap Guy

Many misconceptions are that only tanned, buff men wear these sexier types of underwear. Maybe in the past, but nowadays, men of all types wear them. Well, those who have a lot of sureness and find themselves comfortable in their sexuality. YOLO!

Try Something New

Let’s get real for a moment. Life would be boring if nothing ever changed. Excitement always spices things up, whether it is a new movie coming out, a hot date, or even just a Sunday of football games. Without any of that, you may as well wipe the world free of color, too, right?

What if today you tried something new? What if you took the underwear in your drawer, shoved them aside, and made space for a type of underwear you have never worn? What if we told you that adding front-enhancing pouch underwear to your stack of briefs could transform your life? Don’t be shy. Brighten up your drawer.

Different Styles

Here are some of Ergowear’s best-selling collections:

  • FEEL Modal Thong comes with a 3-dimensional pouch with no irritating seam. It adapts to your body with a soft, spandex material.
  • MAX Modal Thong has an athletic look with a lot of comfort and freedom. And it has a tremendous enhancing effect on your manhood. Soft, comfortable, and highly absorbent material helps you feel supported. You will look and feel good in this underwear.
  • FEEL Modal Long Boxer is excellent for those who are more comfortable with a little extra coverage. These boxers are form-fitting and front-enhancing without feeling constrictive at all. They make you look good while you feel good.
  • FEEL Modal Brief is not your grandpa’s brief. They are fully ergonomic and have a 3-dimensional, front-enhancing pouch without any irritating seam. In addition, these briefs are both soft and comfortable.

Take some time to look around and find what works for you. There’s no doubt – after you give Ergowear a try, you are sure to want more.

Rethink Your Underwear Drawer With Ergowear's New Collections - Ergowear

Color Splashes to Match Your Personality? Maybe!

While you are busy changing up that underwear drawer of yours, you may as well decide to add a splash of color, too. The color of your underwear says something about your personality. Sure, you could wear the same white briefs every day of the week (though, side note, they start turning a dingy shade of grey after a while) – but do you want to? You should feel good about what you wear. Color can enhance that!

  • White underwear is clean and safe.
  • Black underwear is not only sexy but mysterious and powerful, too.
  • Blue underwear is peaceful and brings positivity. It boosts your confidence.
  • Yellow underwear is bright, fresh, clean, crisp, and full of joy. They are sure to make someone smile – even you!
  • Red underwear is what you’d wear when you are feeling full of energy and passion. You know just when that time is right.

#FeelGreatInside Your Undies

In reality, it doesn’t matter what your underwear says about you, but rather how comfortable you are in them. So don’t get too comfortable in the old without trying something new. You may just be surprised how they fit and how they make you feel. With Ergowear’s new collections available, you are sure to find something you love.

Whether it is long boxer briefs, thongs, briefs, or jockstraps, you will be delighted in the new feel, comfort, and confidence they bring to your life. And, you know what happens when you are full of confidence, right? You can conquer anything. So, when you are ready to impact your whole life positively, start by rethinking your underwear drawer.

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