X4D Mini Boxer – Stonewash

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X4D Mini Boxer – Stonewash

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X4D Mini Boxer in Stonewash Blue: much more than a genital pouch

The X4D Mini Boxer Boxer in Stonewash Blue features our most advanced pouch design yet. It looks like other pouch underwear you may have tried, but it has various details that will make a huge difference. With a nose shape to hold your anatomy pointing downwards while enhancing its shape and size, it also separates your testicles from your thighs. This results in 3-dimensional support with the added benefit of unmatched comfort, the 4th dimension that makes this pouch design even more special. But wait, there’s more to these pouch mini boxer designs…

Minimal seams

This avant-garde men’s pouch mini boxer in stonewash blue is the upgraded version of our previous best-selling X3D underwear designs: Now with the main body cut from fewer pieces of fabric for minimal seams, all sewn together using flat-seam technology. Although similar in appearance to its predecessor, the new design of the stonewash blue mini boxer fits on your body like a glove and represents a technological achievement that makes us proud. Be sure to check out both our underwear and swimwear collections featuring this groundbreaking X4D pouch design.

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X4D enhancing pouch and quality fabrics

The nose shaped X4D pouch featured in this stonewash blue mini boxer follows the natural contour of your genitals, gently lifting them from in between your thighs. Thanks to the ultra-soft polyamide-elastane microfiber, which is soft, fast-drying and highly elastic, you enjoy full freedom of movement. The concealed but strong waistband allows easy access, while perfectly supporting the weight of your genitals into a natural position.


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