MAX XX Thong – Aqua

MAX XX Thong Aqua Side
MAX XX Thong Aqua Front
MAX XX Thong Aqua Back

MAX XX Thong – Aqua


  • men’s underwear in thong style
  • fully ergonomic design
  • 3-dimensional exclusive MAX pouch
  • manufactured in hyper-soft polyamide-elastane microfiber
  • 40 mm (1″ 4/7) wide waistband in satin finish with Ergowear logo and isotype


MAX XX Thong Aqua

The 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch gently lifts your anatomy and provides enough room, so that your genitals stay in place, without being confining or too tight. The legs and rear of the MAX XX thong in aqua are also designed to follow the exact shape of a man’s body so that every muscle is properly supported and the fit just seems natural.

MAXimum elasticity & comfort 

Every MAX XX Thong is manufactured using exclusively-made polyamide-elastane microfiber, which is soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic.

Thanks to the construction of this microfiber, body moisture can easily evaporate through the fabric, making it less prone to stains and may be washed more easily. The MAX XX Thong in Aqua boast a fast drying & highly-flexible fabric can be worn year in any climate, although we recommend styles with more coverage for colder climates.

Find a comprehensive guide on how to pick our pouch that best suits you on our Instagram Community.

MAXimum hold in the waistband

MAX XX Thong in Aqua underwear features its 40mm signature elastic waistband in satin finish, displaying  Ergowear logo and isotype. The waistband is manufactured using soft and durable fibers that do not shrink or lose shape over time.

This thong is low rise and still fully supportive – they feel as if it had been taylor-made for everyBODY.



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