FEEL XV Leggings – Black


FEEL XV Leggings – Black


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FEEL XV Leggings Black are an excellent alternative to keep you warm during winter, while keeping Ergowear’s signature design and comfort.

FEEL XV Leggings Black | Two in One: Long Johns and Sports Tights 

When you are on the lookout for the right garment to keep you warm during the cold months, it could turn out to be really tedious. Not only because men’s long undergarments a usually bit stiff, reducing your movement; but also because many full-length items for men look a bit outdated and not sexy at all. As a result of this men’s quest, Ergowear introduces FEEL Leggings  which are the best mate for low temperatures, since they provide Ergowear’s characteristic ergonomic support, but with the comfort and elasticity of sports leggings, so that you can wear them as your long johns or training leggings whenever, wherever.

Our FEEL XV Leggings are available in sizes S, M, L and XL in Silver Grey, timeless Black, Navy Blue and Space Grey as part of our XV Collection.

FEEL comfortable and fully-supported

Whatever the weather, FEEL XV Leggings Black will make you FEEL comfortable and fully-supported thanks to the revolutionary bulge-enhancing half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch by Ergowear. The FEEL pouch enables you to place your penis to the front or sideways, without making you feel that confining sensation of traditional men’s winter undergarments. Ideal for all front sizes, for regular or well-endowed guys.

Flat-sewn seams for more comfort and freedom. As there’s little chaffing upon the skin, you will be able to take any sports or physical activity no matter your range of movement. What’s more, experience cutting-edge leg definition with an ergonomic design with every pair of FEEL XV Leggings Black.

FEEL the Elasticity

Every XV garment is manufactured using exclusively-made Polyamide/ Elastane microfiber, which is soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic.

Thanks to the construction of this microfiber, body moisture can easily evaporate through the fabric, making it less prone to stains and may be washed more easily. Fast-drying & highly-flexible fabric to be worn year-round.

FEEL XV Leggings Black underwear features its 40mm signature elastic waistband in a satin finish, displaying 3 Ergowear logos. The waistband is manufactured using soft and durable fibers that do not shrink or lose shape easily.

These low-rise Leggings are fully-supportive and will feel as if they’d been tailor-made for everyone’s body.

FEEL XV Leggings Black features:

  • Fully-ergonomic design
  • 3-dimensional adaptable half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch
  • Manufactured in hyper-soft polyamide/elastane microfiber
  • 40 mm (1 4/7″) wide waistband, satin finish with three monochrome Ergowear logos

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