Pride Month 2022 Is Here, Along With Summer and… Winter?

Pride Month 2022 Is Here, Along With Summer and… Winter?

Pride Month 2022 is the time of the year when we spread a message of joy, inclusion and love. Don your favorite and most colorful fashion, activate celebration mode and let the world know about your #Pride.

June is Pride Month! As summer approaches the skies look clear and blue. Our mood improves and the setting becomes perfect for the celebration of Pride Month, as well as the commemorating of the long struggle to make everyone’s voice be heard equally.

During Pride Month 2022, colorful and joyful flags fly all over our cities and media, and the message behind such variety of colors is that everyone gets represented. No matter who you are and what you believe in, the core idea is to promote a world in which every person has a right to be themselves. Pride Month 2022 once again celebrates everyone’s right to love whoever they choose.

From festivals to parades, events and even civil demonstrations, the LGTBQ+ community and those who support it engage in multiple activities to celebrate and commemorate those who have had to live in the shadows for so long. We look at our present and future and, despite the harsh challenges ahead, we aim to keep the spirit of love and togetherness alive.

Let us come together to celebrate this month by showing support and solidarity towards the LGBTQ+ community. Don your best colorful fashion, dab on some glitter, and put a smile on that handsome face of yours. It’s Pride Month 2022!


We Celebrate #PrideAllYear

Earlier ths spring we premiered our MAX XV Pride Collection, an extension of our popular pouch-enhanced underwear family. These original Ergowear designs boast a Pride Waistband and two new colors across 5 styles of undergarments. Though it seemed out of season for some, we launched this new set of designs under the idea of #PrideAllYear. It’s our invitation to carry your pride everywhere, all year long.

Our MAX XV undergarments have gained considerable popularity thanks to their 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch. Its exclusive design gently lifts your anatomy and provides enough room, so that everything stays in place. It adapts to your body shape and size, guaranteeing comfort even for well-endowed men.


Summer Arrives with Pride Month 2022

Nice, warmer weather is on the horizon for the rest of the month. With the extreme isolation of the past 2 years, this summer certainly feels a little bit safer to re-engage with our favourite outdoor activities. And if that’s exactly what’s on your mind, we have some exciting news for you. Thanks to our costumers’ love for our high-quality manufacturing and fabrics, we recently expanded our horizons to include a new family to the Ergowear Dynasty: Activewear.

Confidently guided by years of experience with Pouch Underwear, we designed a brand new selection of jockstraps, biker shorts and leggings. All of them feature our exclusive MAX or FEEL Pouch designs, carefully crafted to bring comfort and support to your genital area, especially during intense activity and constant movement.

But we didn’t stop there. We also presented gym Joggers, along with Caps and Shorts for those who wouldn’t resist wearing our soft and durable fabrics on every layer. And as always, all of our new products follow our signature designs and colors for you to wear our brand while jogging, at the gym or just relaxing at home. If you’re eager to finally go outside during Pride Month 2022 and do some revitalizing physical activities, be sure to check these new members of the Ergowear family.


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But it’s Still Winter Somewhere!

That’s right, even when we were just talking about bright skies and outdoor activities, it’s winter time down in the Southern Hemisphere. At the other half of the world Pride Month 2022 takes place during the coldest period of the year, and the South American Andes become a major destination for winter sports enthusiasts. This is where Chile will host, for the first time ever in Latin-America, the PRIDE SKI WEEK CHILE 2022. We are very excited for the possibility of taking part of the activities prepared for that first week of August.

This five days long event will include various outdoor and indoor activities split between two closely located venues high up in the mountains overlooking Santiago de Chile. The El Colorado and Parque Farellones ski centers are renowed for the refreshing yet challenging experience of skiing in the Andes. And once again, even during the cold southern winter you can count on us. Our Activewear Collection also includes leggings and biker shorts fit to keep you warm while enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

Celebrating Pride Month 2021 With Colorful Fashion, Glitter Galore & Reflection - Ergowear


Plenty to celebrate and to reflect about.

Plenty to show for our fans, and plenty of activities to do… Let’s wave that flag and have an awesome Pride Month 2022!

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