No Pink no Wink! Limited Edition Men’s Pink Underwear

No Pink no Wink! Limited Edition Men’s Pink Underwear

Without too much dwelling on the existential question of whether or not, pink is a made-up color, we are introducing the newest pink line of men’s underwear.


Pink is one of those colors you just can’t have an underwear drawer without it. Not only will it bring a
unique style to your drawer, but also it will create a feeling of excitement and purity not easily achieved by other colors.

In fact, while you may argue pink is a feminine color, that has not been historically correct throughout all the time. For years, baby
boys were dressed in pink and baby girls were dressed in blue.

Blue considered a more delicate and dainty, and thus, feminine, color than pink, which was found to be more aggressive and manly because of its
resemblance with red.

Since this is such a highly sought after color, naturally we didn’t think twice about launching a new edition of men’x
bikinis, mini boxers, and thongs in the pleasant color.

We decided to limit these edition this time, and although the style can be obtained on both the
MAX and the Feel lines, sadly it won’t be available for too long. So don’t wait any longer and get yours!

Limited Edition with Unlimited Care

The New
pink edition of men’s underwear is a limited edition specially launched in tandem with the breast awareness campaign month, commemorated throughout the world and with different products.

One campaign we particularly liked was the
wearitpink campaign, from a non-profit of the came name. We thought it would be a good idea to join their wearitpink campaign and release a limited edition pink collection of men’s thongs, bikinis and mini boxers in the Feel and MAX designs.

And because we are feeling generous, we have decided to donate 1$ for every sale of the new men’s pouch underwear line in pink.

Some Reasons to Wear Pink Men’s Underwear

While it wasn’t not long ago that we released the MAX light limited edition in pink, unlike that one, this time, we are announcing a similar yet
different tone of pink in both the MAX and the Feel lines.

Pink is a sexy color choice for all
men’s underwear styles, and it will surely get you noticed if you are ever caught with your pants down (wink, wink).

If the former is not a reason enough for you to motivate you to get a
limited edition style of Pink MAX and Feel underwear. Here’s a few more for you to get some pink underwear:

While there’s no doubt pink has a
charming and soothing effect,
pink has been used in some confinement facilities in Switzerland for the effect of calming inmates. In fact pink is also often associated with feelings of: love, beauty, charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, sex, the romantic. and several other meanings.

Why Wear Pink Underwear?

Pink underwear is
complementary to all skin tones, and it is a sign of a man who is self-assured of his masculinity.

Pink underwear for men is

If you’re still hesitant about getting pink underwear, I’ll paraphrase a
quote by a scientist about the properties of pink color:
“Color is not actually a property of light or of objects that reflect light. It is a sensation that arises within the brain”.

In other words, pink, or color, for whatever that matters, is nothing but a sensation in the brain. As such, whether you like it or not, or whether you agree on pink being nothing but the combination of colors in the spectrum that are exact opposites, Pink is real—or it is not—but it is just as real or not-real as the rest of the colors in the rainbow.

What are you waiting for? For every one of these items sold by 31 OCT we will be donating US$ 1 to So hurry up and get your unique limited edition pink thongs, bikinis and mini boxers! Get your
pink underwear today!

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