New XV Anniversary Edition Boxers, Bikinis, Thongs & Briefs

New XV Anniversary - Ergowear

New XV Anniversary Edition Boxers, Bikinis, Thongs & Briefs

Fifteen years ago we created a revolutionary product. Men’s underwear with a three-dimensional pouch that was able to provide strong support, fit and enhancement with top notch production standards in a seamless experience. Unknowingly or not, we at Ergowear were achieving a defining moment in the evolution of men’s underwear, the creation of the world’s first ergonomic underwear with an elastic three-dimensional pouch.

Since then, our company has developed a continuous cycle of innovation with the aim of manufacturing the best pouches in men’s underwear. X3D, MAX, FEEL, Premium, Light, and Suave are a few of the many releases we have successfully launched in the past.

But all of this innovation wouldn’t be possible without your continuous support and interest in acquiring best in class pouch underwear for men.

Both as prequel to our 15th anniversary celebration, but also as a thank for your everlasting support throughout these 15 years. We have decided to further expand two of our most iconic and best selling lines. Today, we are announcing XV, our 15th anniversary edition and most recent full line of pouch underwear for men. A collection of thongs, bikinis, boxers, briefs and midcuts with MAX and FEEL pouches in blue, gray, white and gold color combinations.

This line summarizes our latest effort on bringing innovation into the pouch concept in men’s underwear. “ Explains Mr Rodrigo Herzberg, founder and principal of Ergowear.

FEEL and MAX got even better

Brief Space Grey FEEL XVMidcut White Navy MAX XV

Boxer white gold MAX XVThong Space Grey MAX XV

is a full line of midcuts, boxers, briefs, bikinis and thongs manufactured under FEEL Classic and MAX styles. An elegant palette in navy, space grey, white / gold and white / navy colors constitute this line. Model sizes ranging the usual S, M, L and XL product sizes.

We wanted this line to be available in two of our most iconic and best selling styles, namely FEEL Classic and MAX”. States Mr Herzberg.

Our design team was on the lookout for a fabric that provided more elasticity and durability, while remaining true to our principles of extreme comfort, fit and style.” Explains Rodrigo. “Fortunately, cool Lycra offers both a durable and highly elastic material with an extremely soft and silky feeling.”

By using a state-of-the-art polyamide microfiber, we are able to offer high elasticity, softness and surprisingly cool touch in this men’s underwear”, explains Sergio Pino from our production team.

colors include Navy: a deep shade of blue; Space-Gray: an elegant grey tone; White with Gold waistband; and White with Navy waistband. All color combinations available in FEEL Classic and MAX styles. The new line comprises 28 styles in total.

Top quality materials, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and stricter quality controls make this one of our most exclusive products lines to date.

In Rodrigo’s words “In my opinion, XV is one of the most advanced and best products we have manufactured so far. It is firm, it is comfortable and it is elegant. It’s just amazing!

A perfect example of what Ergowear stands for, XV, the newest release brings unprecedented materials, style and manufacturing to the product spectrum.

If you love the fit of MAX or FEEL Classic, but also want to try a modern fabric with added stretch and a cooler touch, consider including some of the new “XV” styles in your drawer this season.

For fans and newcomers alike, we accompanied our release with a couple
lifestyle videos. Hope you like them as much as we liked making them!

Meet “
XV”, our 15th anniversary edition of underwear. Our most exclusive design up to date. Get yours today and be part of XV’s exclusive club.

This post first appeared on PRWeb.

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