New Midcut FEEL styles: Black, White and Calypso!

New Midcut FEEL styles: Black, White and Calypso!

The Latest Addition To FEEL!

The latest additions to the
FEEL family include a much sought after style. After hearing a lot of feedback and questions over the Feel line, we decided to release three new midcut styles (aka boxer briefs) that will surely improve your collection.

More Colors! Less Chaffing!

The newest styles come in three colors, and are excellent for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for an underwear style that provides protection during intense workouts or sports, or maybe some protection for intense sports, or even demanding working conditions, as in hot and moist weather while wearing coarse or heavy pants. You’ll find a suitable partner when trying these new midcut styles. They offer cover around half of your thigh, and are excellent to avoid chaffing.

Their colors add a pinch of style, and will surely not contrast or show under your sports clothe or white pants. Unless that’s the case, in which you can try the Calypso color. 😉

Press-Worthy Underwear Styles

If you’ve never had an underwear from the Feel family, this could be your chance to experiment one of our best-selling male underwear styles. Feel comes with an adapting shape that has been contoured around your anatomy, providing a supportive and lifting, yet comfortable look. The Fabric is Polyester-Lycra for better breath ability. The pouch has no seam and the low-cut style has a concealed waistband for a sophisticated look. Feel Better, Feel Ergowear!

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