New MAX Premium Boxer and Midcut Green & Blue

New MAX Premium Boxer and Midcut Green & Blue

New MAX Premium Boxer and Midcut Green & Blue

Announcing our new
MAX Premium Pouch Boxer and Midcut styles in Blue and Green.

MAX Premium collection is getting an expansion with new green and blue boxers and midcuts.

Made from cotton-lycra fibers in a ~90%/~10% blend, the MAX Premium is one of our oldest and most sought after styles. But that is not stopping us from innovating and adding some color to the line.

Prominent Undies in Prominent Colors

New Ergowear MAX Premium Blue and Green

This time we are introducing two new colors. A
hip blue for a modern look and a fluorescent green, perfect looking for tanned skins.

Featuring the typical three-dimensional pouch with plenty of room. The new colors add a
trendy palette to the Premium line.

These anatomically correct pouch underwear styles provide standard elasticity, breathability and humidic absorption.

MAX Premium
features a nose-shaped pouch with above standard depth that creates an enhancing effect. Featuring a vertical seam and a visible 1 1/3″ waistband, the new colors bring joy and sexiness to the ever lasting MAX Premium line.

See yourself in these new
pouch boxers in green and blue or midway briefs in blue and green.

And There’s One More Thing…

New Ergowear Eco-label with QR Code

These are the first products on which we will be using our new QR-based specification tags. Our challenge was to develop a more
eco-friendly tag, and at the same time provide more detailed technical specifications and care instructions.

We are proud to have accomplished both! The new tags will be introduced in all new styles, and all other products as stock is replaced.

Simply scan the QR code using your mobile phone or QR reader while online and you will be taken to our
product specification page where not only will you be able to see detailed care instructions, but also learn about the specific style and fabric of each product you bought.

By doing this we want to offer you a more personalised experience while also reducing our carbon footprint. One more innovation that fully represents our utmost commitment to our customers and society.

What do you think about the new colors? Leave us your thoughts and comments below.

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