NEW Max Modal Underwear

MAX MODAL 2021_Midcut Royal Blue-09 - Ergowear

NEW Max Modal Underwear

The all new MAX MODAL comprises men’s thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts in timeless colors like black and white; in addition, the special editions in Raspberry and Lemon colors give your favorite styles an irresistible flavor for the summer. Because special editions are limited, make sure you get your size before it runs out!

Our newly-arrived MAX MODAL Underwear Collection features our signature MAX pouch and a revolutionary fabric. MAX pouch enhances your assets and gives you the support you need. These undies come with a vertical front flat seam and provide the highest depth in Ergowear pouches. Ideal for all front sizes, even for well-endowed guys. Whatever your size, you’ll feel comfortable, but still fully-supported, thanks to the stretch-recovery properties of MODAL which make these garments your best choice anytime.

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art cellulose and elastane blend called MODAL. Since it is made from a substance extracted from a living organism, Modal is considered a bio-based textile; which is, at the same time, highly elastic and has excellent humidity absorption properties. . Unlike other MAX collections, colors have been kept simple and moderate, yet polished and handsome. A refined push up for your premium jewels!

MAX MODAL comprises men’s thongs, bikinis, boxers and midcuts in timeless colors that never go out of style like black & white, as well as bold and vibrant Summer colors such as Lemon & Raspberry. No matter what your style or activity is, there’s a tailored- made garment waiting for you. Ideal when taking sports or hanging out. Its ergonomically-designed & enhancing pouch is the ultimate breakthrough in men’s underwear, giving comfort and support at all times.

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