New MAX Mesh Boxers, Bikinis, Thongs & Midcuts Black/Red

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New MAX Mesh Boxers, Bikinis, Thongs & Midcuts Black/Red

Featuring our signature MAX waistband and pouch, the revamped edition of MAX Mesh boxers, bikinis, midcuts and thongs for men comes now in a black mesh fabric, charcoal colored cross stitchings, and a fully supportive MAX waistband with black Ergowear logo.

One of our best sellers and most beloved items is getting revamped just for the season. Both as an innovation and as a new milestone, the new
MAX mesh black/red underwear family will absolutely fulfill your desires for quality, support, style and comfort in men’s pouch underwear.

With a revamped cross stitching in
charcoal color for a contrasting, yet elegant look. The new black/red mesh undies provide a sporty, smooth and highly supportive feeling for your anatomy.

As usual, the
MAX three-dimensional sac provides enough depth for well-endowed guys as well as for guys looking for a comforting lift and control in their groin.

If you’re like us, the latest edition of our
best-selling MAX mesh collection will let you keep you wearing your favorite MAX mesh style throughout your week. With the new addition, you can do so without feeling like you’re repeating style.

Available in
thongsbikinisboxers and midcuts, the new black/red styles are an elegant addition into the best selling MAX mesh collection. And an upgrade into our previous MAX Mesh edition of black/red boxers, thongs, bikinis.

Male model wearing MAX Mesh bikini black/red

Fully Supportive & Soft Waistband That’s Also Beautiful

low waist mesh underwear, signature of the MAX line, offers strong support and an enhancing look. The thick waistband is comfortable and made from an extremely resistant, yet soft material.

We often mention this as most new costumers don’t realize how important it is to have an underwear with a pouch that firmly holds itself to a
durable and resilient waistband. Usually, waistbands are made from resistant but uncomfortable materials. It’s obvious to say this is not the best for your body.

When a waistband is too tight it can cause irritation or leave huge red marks on your skin, specially if your skin is too sensitive. The worst thing is that besides the red marks, you will get itchy in your waist line.

Ergowear’s MAX waistband is manufactured with a specially chosen elastic that’s durable, soft and with a high degree of elasticity. Perfectly sewn in
cross-stitching for added durability and less friction when in contact with your skin.

These low cut boxers, thongs, bikinis and midcuts in black mesh are perfect for use in all types of weather and situations. They can indeed be worn under shorts or as your favorite fitness trousers. They also enhanced the looks of your dress pants, denims or even your 10+ hours a day business casual slacks.

MAX mesh fabric is finer than traditional fishnet. It’s also
breathe-through but not see-through as it’s the case of most mesh/lace underwear for men. Perfect for guys that ooze a lot, the new MAX mesh black/red series is fabricated in a first-class breathable polyester/spandex Mesh fabric that provides more lightness, longevity, adjustability and greater air flow.

Male model with helmet wearing MAX Mesh midcut black/red

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