New Boxer Briefs With Pouch FEEL Classic: Beginner’s Luck!

New Boxer Briefs With Pouch FEEL Classic: Beginner’s Luck!

See our newest collection of men’s boxers and briefs in a traditional and contemporary style. Perfect for those in the transitioning stage!

New Boxer Briefs With Pouch FEEL Classic: Beginner's Luck!

You might have seen
these. And you might have seen these others too. But we are pretty sure you haven’t seen these new men’s pouch briefs yet.
It is the first time we mix our proudly created Feel pouch with the highly supportive thick waistband, signature of the MAX line, and we couldn’t be more eager to share with you the news.

In fact, we are so eager to share the news that there’s even a press release talking about our latest
Feel Classic line announcement. Check it out in case you want to get into the nitty gritty of how this new line of men’s boxers and briefs was created and about its place in our styles.

When we think about black
men’s boxers or white briefs, we usually think about the typical loose briefs or BVD’s styles that our grandmothers loved to see us in. Fortunately, no longer do our grandmothers dress us up, and with so many men’s underwear options available now, we can choose from a plethora of online alternatives, to say the least of our highly-rated mens pouch underwear and swimwear.

From the very expensive men’s underwear styles, as evidenced on the latest
men’s underwear article in the NYTimes, to the old BVD’s, to our very own collection of boxer briefs with pouch or men’s enhancing underwear, we are sure you won’t run out of options to choose from this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One Pouch To Rule Them All

Although our
pouch underwear concept has received an increasing amount of attention in recent times, we are quite aware some modern mens’ underwear concepts have never reached some males.

You may not know this, but even my own father does dare to
wear pouch underwear! Why? you may ask. Well, for obvious reasons, we live in a society that still keeps some taboos with anything related to the male anatomy.

And even though the web has taught us several reasons to
not be judgemental, there’s still some men who would not dare to wear some styles of
fitted underwear, or even fit underpants!

And I’m not talking about a
male thong or a jock strap for the gym. That could be understandable to a degree. I am talking about some boxer brief styles that, even though they show minimal tweaking of the men’s boxer concept, some males still do not feel quite adept at wearing them.

Take the
Feel Mini Boxer, for example, one of our
best-selling men’s boxer styles. The style keeps a heavy resemblance with male underwear styles from Calvin Klein and similar brands, yet, it still takes the pouch concept to the next level. Thus keeping it’s stigma.

Another example is any style from our
men’s midcut styles. Although a traditional garment in men’s undies, still its fitted style makes it less attractive to some more conservative males.

Enter Transitional Underwear

Although not a play on words per se, The new Feel Classic line of pouch
boxers and briefs offers a perfect match of modern and traditional
men’s boxer briefs. The acclaimed Feel pouch has been carefully fitted into our highly supportive and best-selling 2 3/5 signature waistband.

And why did we not release this style before? You may ask. Good question, and I’ll use the opportunity to quote Sergio Pino, in charge of the
manufacturing of our FEEL Classic line.

We took some time in order to incorporate this new design. The Feel pouch design uses a series of elastics in different tensions that were originally designed only for a narrow waistband; we didn’t want to move on until we were certain that all these elements were well calibrated for our average client“. He says.

manufacturing of the new men’s boxers and briefs basically lies in the difficulty of giving the Feel pouch its subtle uplifting, yet adaptable effect. With a pouch that creates a three dimensional space with plenty of room, the Feel concept has been a favourite for over two years since it was announced.

Modern Meets Traditional

In spite of its success, some customers did not truly loved the idea of having a
narrow, low-cut waistband. Thus it was only a matter of time before we created the Feel Classic line with a thick waistband and the ever-likeable Feel pouch.

We decided to launch these styles in
black and white initially. Mainly to keep in line with the conservative consumer mentality, but also to get a better idea of what our clientes will find appealing in them. And eventually releasing more colours.

conventional boxers and briefs, these styles add a pinch of style to the traditional men’s boxer brief concept. The modern-traditional look of the Feel Classic line is evidenced in its aesthetically classical look, but also given its modern pouch style as well as its manufacturing techniques.

If you are ever adept at experimenting with something new, perhaps its time to experiment with the new Feel Classic collection of
men’s boxers and briefs with pouch.

Perfect for the modern,
cool and sophisticated male with a charm for classical styles. The new Feel Classic line is an excellent alternative for beginners and those in the transitional stage. See them here.

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