Men’s Swim Briefs To Pack and Vacation Like a Pro

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Men’s Swim Briefs To Pack and Vacation Like a Pro

Men’s swim briefs are essential for almost any summer trip. Find the right cut, material, color and characteristics! Look and feel great this summer!

Summertime is here. That’s right — it is vacation time. That means, with any luck, that you can expect to spend countless hours by the pool. Or, even better – sipping an icy cold beverage with your feet in the sand listening to the sounds of the crashing ocean waves. 

Before you head out on your tropical island escape, you’ve got to get your suitcase packed. You know, all the usuals – your outfits for each day, underwear, pajamas, shoes, socks, your daily toiletries, etc. But there is one thing you won’t want to forget no matter where your summer travels take you, and that is your swim briefs. 

Whether you think you will come in contact with water or not, having your men’s swim briefs there will ensure you are always ready. And choosing the right type will make you look like you have got it all together. 

What are Men’s Swim Briefs

Men’s swim briefs come in all types, including swim bikinis, mini trunks, or swim thongs—all designed to enhance your package while keeping you feeling great in and out of the water. 

When is the last time you spent hours outdoors in the heat? In so many places across the globe, there have been some incredibly high temperatures. Many officials have even been encouraging people to stay indoors and take precautions. One way you can do just that is to head to the water. Once you are there, you probably are not going to want to leave. 

Having the suitable swim briefs means being comfortable no matter how long you decide to stay in the water. 

Characteristics of a Good Men’s Swim Brief

So what makes a good men’s swim brief? What determines that one will be better than the other or that you should choose a certain one over another? There must be characteristics that set them apart, right? 


A good men’s swim brief comes down to one with the right material, the right feel, and the right look. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Choosing the Right Material

The suitable material for a swim brief should be, first and foremost, comfortable to wear. It should feel good against the skin and not have any irritating pieces. 

You also want to make sure you have a material that will be cool and dry quickly. Walking around in wet clothing can lead to many unpleasant issues, such as chaffingjock itch, rashes, and other types of fungal and bacterial build-up. By choosing the right swim briefs, you can avoid all of these issues because the material will dry fast, leaving you – and your package – safe. 

Choosing a Men’s Swim Brief With the Right Feel

What do we mean by the right feel? Think of all those times you have been swimming and, as you got out of the water, you had to readjust yourself because your shorts moved or maybe the inside mesh was pinching you. Maybe the drawstring got lost or didn’t hold up. Or maybe your shorts seemed to take forever to dry. That is what it means to wear something with the wrong feel. 

A men’s brief with the right feel will feel just as good no matter where or how long you wear them. There is no mesh to pinch you or no exposed drawstring to dangle. Plus, today’s men’s swim briefs may include an ergonomic pouch. It is elasticized and flexible; this 3D pouch with no seam in the front pulls your manhood up and away from your body. Whether you like to hang to the front or sideways, you will find the pouch roomy and very comfortable. 

The best part? Not only does this pouch design keep you cool, but it also enhances your package. That means walking along the beach or relaxing on the pool deck can come with a boost of confidence you may not have otherwise had. 

Choosing the Right – Colorful – Look 

Colors and designs are great ways to express yourself. Therefore when it comes to choosing the right men’s swim briefs, you need to have options. Besides, not every swim opportunity comes with the same set of circumstances. For instance, while you may choose bright flamingos for a weekend getaway with friends, you may want something a bit more subtle, such as a solid color, for a backyard barbecue and pool party at a corporate event. 

No matter your mood or your needs, you will be able to find just the right look. 


The FEEL swim line offers many options for your swimming needs. They are designed with a highly elastic and water-resistant polyamide-elastane fabric. This allows them to move with you without feeling award or uncomfortable. This line comes with an adaptable pouch that gives you a lot of room to move. 

A drawstring holds the swim brief’s securely and can either be left out or tuck inside for a discreet look. And, because nobody wants to worry about an inner liner, these swim trunks do not have one. 

With many designs and colors to choose from, as well as various styles, you are sure to find the right men’s swim brief to fit your personality and situation.

X4D Swim

This line of men’s swim briefs is designed to keep you moving freely while staying dry. It is designed with a polyamide and elastane fabric that makes this possible. X4D thongs and bikinis are cut with one solid fabric piece and only leave you with one seam. This reduces the chance of encountering any irritation. 

Like the FEEL model, these also come with a roomy pouch. This is a nose-shaped pouch that enhances your package while also offering support with its ergonomic design. The drawstring here is also concealed if desired. Choose from an array of colors, styles, and designs to meet your mood. 

Mens Swim Briefs: Final Thoughts

As you head out on vacation this summer, pack your men’s swim briefs. Show that you are a pro at feeling good and looking good with the right beachwear. As you pack, choose from Ergowear’s FEEL swim or X4D swim line to make it happen. Don’t settle for anything less. 

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