5 Advantages of Wearing Men’s Short Gym Shorts

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5 Advantages of Wearing Men’s Short Gym Shorts

Men’s gym shorts are the best of both worlds. You will feel confident in them, while also staying comfortable. Look good, and feel better.

So much focus is put on women having the right workout clothes or the greatest and latest gear to look good when going to the gym – or even just taking a walk in the neighborhood. But men need this focus, too. We want to look and feel our best whether we lift 20lb weights or 200lb weights, right? 

Recently, there has been a push for these shorts that will change the way men view their gear for getting fit and having fun. There are so many advantages of wearing men’s short gym shorts that it is time you invest in them, too. Even pro-basketball teams have been making the switch from big baggy basketball shorts to short gym shorts instead. If you aren’t sold, here are five advantages that may just change your mind. 

Advantage # 1: A High Level of Comfort

Take a moment to consider just how comfortable you are in your current workout clothes. Do they feel right? Do you feel good wearing them? After all, you know that when you feel good, your confidence is boosted — and when you have a higher level of confidence, you can push through more significant barriers in your fitness. 

It all comes down to the comfort you have in the clothes that you wear. 

Men’s short gym shorts bring a high level of comfort. They offer you the support you need so you are not putting your family jewels at risk by having them bounce all around. They also don’t have anything irritating about them—things such as tags or seams that will draw your attention away from your workout. Soft, dry material that keeps you cool and comfortable is all you need to keep you feeling great and focused on your workout.

Men’s Short Gym Shorts Advantage # 2: Stay Dry While You Work Out

Staying wet with sweat during a workout is not healthy for your boys. It doesn’t matter how sexy you think you look – or how sexy you are – if you are holding on to sweat in your gym shorts, then you are going to be breeding something funky sooner rather than later. 

Fungus. Yeast. Bacteria. All these things thrive off of sweaty balls and their surrounding area. And if you are working out, playing a game of basketball with your buddies, or going for a run on your lunch break, you are opening yourself up to a harvest. 

When you wear the proper gym shorts – the ones designed for you and your athletic self, then you will find they are often moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and cool. This keeps you safe from any ball-based science experiments and reduces the chance that you will have to deal with painful conditions like chafing

Advantage # 3: Flexibility and Elasticity

If fitness meant standing still, we would all be fit, wouldn’t we? However, that is not the case at all. So if you are up and moving around, whether playing a game, running, jumping, strength-training, and the like, you are going to need clothes that move with you. Otherwise, you may be running one way, and your shorts could be heading the other – especially since some materials lose their elasticity and form when they get wet. And, let’s be honest – after an hour of working out, you are going to be wet. 

You need shorts that will be flexible with their movement yet sturdy enough to stay in place. You surely do not want your pants falling down as you play a game with your boys or as you lift the barbell in a busy gym. And unless you are ok with this exposure we just talked about, you don’t want gym shorts that will lose their shape. 

On the same note, you don’t have to worry about having shorts that don’t offer any flexibility. There are few things worse than bending over and hearing your pants tear. If you are a bodybuilder, you know exactly what we are talking about — you go to flex those quads, and it is over. Unless, of course, you have shorts that are strong and accommodating yet flexible. 

Men’s gym shorts offer high flexibility and elasticity, so you don’t have anything to worry about but your workout. 

Advantage # 4: Wear Them Wherever You Want To

Years ago, leisurewear was much different than it is today. It was never something you would find young men wearing just because it was comfortable. Nowadays, things are different. We understand the power of being comfortable and relaxed. It is not uncommon to see someone wearing athletic shorts just because. 

Men of all ages can wear short gym shorts and feel confident, sexy, and comfortable regardless of where they are. The mall, out for a bite to eat, at the movies, or just out grocery shopping. No one would think twice about it because it is a normal part of dress for men. And, hey – you may as well take advantage of it! 

Advantage of Men’s Short Gym Shorts # 5: Your Choice for Comfort

When it comes to the comfort you find in your gym shorts, you need to make sure they are tailored for your needs. And Ergowear’s ultimate men’s gym shorts for training or swimming is the perfect option. Designed with either a bikini for full back coverage or a slim thong rear for minimum coverage, you will get to choose your level of comfort. 

Plus, it comes with a pouch that is ergonomically designed to keep your manhood lifted up and away from your body so that you can remain cool, dry, and comfortable. We should mention that this is front-enhancing, too. Yes! 

These men’s short gym shorts are designed with lightweight, fast-drying polyester fabric that moves with you – and a soft mesh interior for quick drying. Top it all off with a back pocket, two side pockets, and an adjustable drawstring, and you’ve got some of the perfect gym shorts. 

Are you ready to step up your game on the court, in the field, or in the gym? Feel confident in wearing men’s short gym shorts and uncover all the advantages you have been missing. Life is too short to wear anything else!

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