Meet MAX Mesh All-White Version!

Meet MAX Mesh All-White Version!

New MAX Mesh All-White Version! Just when you thought it was ok to stop wearing tighty whities...
Just when you thought it was ok to stop wearing tighty whities…

We did it again! This time, we are bringing an addition to our best-in-class collection of men’s pouch underwear and swimwear styles.

What could be more
satisfying than getting yourself in a pair if new undies. The texture, the softness, the fit and the style, it all creates a feeling of joy lasting all day.

We are improving our line of
MAX Mesh colors. This time with a White/Grey addition of MidcutsBoxersBikinis and Thongs in the best-selling MAX style and the breath-trough Mesh fabric, all in a white/grey blend of polyester/spandex lycra.

Our signature waistband has been perfectly styled to bring an additional white-appealing item to the
best-selling MAX Mesh family of products.

Tell me white…

All in all, following the success of its big brother, the MAX Mesh line of
men’s bikinis, midcuts and boxers, we decided to take it a step further and include a white/grey tone with a white waistband.

We included a new colour that holds true to the aesthetics and manufacturing
quality of the MAX Mesh line.

The breathe-through polyester/spandex Mesh lycra adds lightness and a more
convenient air flow for use in both warm and cold weathers.

Just when you thought it was ok to stop wearing Tighty-Whities…

Whether you’re  Tighty-whities dude, or not, one thing is certain,
Tighty-whities can be extremely sleek and sexy. Remember Tom Cruise?

The typical
low-cut style of the MAX line on this New All White Collection of midcuts, boxers, bikinis and thongs provides perfect support and comfort to your anatomy, without the usual ride up of long underwear, including loose boxers and briefs.

The bulge slightly raises your genitals up and away from your thighs for more
freedom of movement and all-day comfort.

Seams and manufacturing quality are in line with our
top of the line practices of extremely well-cared sewing, materials, cut and finishes.

The fabric ensures total air flow while keeping your things private enough avoiding
transparencies as is the case in most mesh underwear.

Although the MAX Mesh offers one of the
deepest bulges in our line of pouches in men’s underwear, we included XL sizes, along with the regular S, M, and L.

The neat and clear color, smooth Mesh yarn, and
perfectly modeled pouch will spark the imagination of almost everyone around you. Don’t miss your chance and get this products soon!

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