Limited Edition DREAM Pajama in exquisite Lime Color

Limited Edition DREAM Pajama in exquisite Lime Color

Don’t waste your chance to get this limited edition DREAM Pajama in lime color. Featuring our praised male pouch that’s not only comfortable but also extremely fashionable. You’ll want to experience this limited edition pajama today.

Made in Modal, the fabric has been chosen based on humid absorption as well as shrink resistance. The many benefits that come from our DREAM style are endless. You’ll experience an extremely comfortable pajama with an even more unique experience. The style has been designed with a non-confining pouch that will never limit your anatomy, no matter how much room it needs.

We’ve all experience some level of discomfort from wearing traditional pajamas on any given morning. Our male anatomy wakes up usually aroused, making a tent like look. Look no further, these pajamas will surely become your mornings best ally. The pouch, style and fit make these a must. Grab your today!

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