The Importance of Staying Sexy at Home

The Importance of Staying Sexy at Home - Ergowear

The Importance of Staying Sexy at Home

We have all experienced the malaise of 2020, a year riddled with ongoing quarantines, catastrophes and political unrest that ironically has brought many of us even closer together with a shared sense of purpose capable of breaching international borders and expanding cultural boundaries, but even in these complicated times, it’s very important that we all remember the value of staying sexy… even, and often especially, when we are staying home!

“Ergowear is a way to keep the spark of arousal lit at home during Covid when people can’t go out as easily,” explains Eduardo, head of design at “It does matter if you look great and are completely comfortable, even if you are home by yourself or especially if you live with your lover. Your sense of self esteem, sexuality, sensuality and the romantic ties that bind us all to one another aren’t frivolous aspects of who we are, they are essential components of what we are and what we choose to represent.”


XV Leggings


Fashionistas have known the importance of feeling sexy for decades. In an
expose published by Cosmo as far back as 2017 their editors were lauding the amazing impact that sensual undergarments have on the human psyche. Now in an era when people are facing rampant depression and many of their worst feelings of isolation, just slipping into a new x4d Thong from Ergowear can stimulate your mood and improve your outlook.


Whether you are at your desk all day sending emails and logging into zoom meetings, or are busy tending to more domestic duties in the kitchen or the garden, why put yourself through the constant friction and annoyance of wearing budget undershorts when you could be moving more freely and experiencing the luxury of a sleek set of
genuine Ergowear Feel XV Leggings right now?

There is a difference, and your body senses it from the very first few seconds as you pamper it with the fully ergonomic design and three-dimensional half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch of our signature hyper-soft polyamide/elastane microfiber leggings. Whether you are practicing yoga poses or impressing coworkers with your confidence during online presentations at work, worn out proud or under your slacks, these leggings can change your entire outlook in very positive ways.


FEEL XV Midcut Gatsby


Dating isn’t nearly as easy during Covid19, whether you are used to being out at the club meeting new partners, or were lucky enough to find your soulmate before the pandemic began, it just isn’t as easy to be out on the town doing all the things we all love to do. Sure you can take another romantic walk on the beach or set up a picnic lunch at the park for two again, but there certainly won’t be any major circuit parties in the near future and no matter how much you love the people you are with, it can definitely start feeling like a grind to be spending so much time with just a handful of companions.

When your lovers see you slacking, they start looking elsewhere, that’s always been a proven fact. Working out from home is every bit as important as working from home during quarantine, and so is having your lover see you with the sheen of a hard earned sweat while wearing a set of
dusty pink feel xv midcut exercise shorts from Ergowear! Breathe life back into any flagging relationship by showing off the best aspects of your fitness regimen with skin-tight apparel that transitions body moisture and can easily evaporate through the fabric, as it is wicked away from your skin.

The only thing sexier than the feel of wearing these midcuts… is the sensation of your lover’s renewed interest in sliding a few fingers beneath their carefully crafted waistband for an afternoon or evening you’ll always remember together.

Covid19 is serious, quarantine is real, and no apparel can restore things to they way they were prior to 2020, but staying sexy at home does make an enormous difference in the lives and loves we all live between now and the moment we can all get back out there loud and proud once again. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay sexy with Ergowear!


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