Get Down-To-Earth with the New FEEL Suave TERRA Undies

Get Down-To-Earth with the New FEEL Suave TERRA Undies

Get Down-To-Earth with the New FEEL Suave TERRA Undies
This Season FEEL Suave Meets Nature too…

Just a few weeks from our previous TERRA release, we are now bringing you the same down-to-earth and nature inspired palette to the FEEL Suave line of men’s pouch underwear.

New pouch boxers, bikinis and thongs in Blue Bijou and Green Olive are extending the recently
announced TERRA collection.

Featuring the seamless and adaptable FEEL pouch and manufactured in our exclusive Suave fabric, the new and sexy men’s underwear styles add a light green and a light blue tone to the stylish FEEL Suave palette.

With three styles in two new different colors, TERRA offers now 15 styles to choose for this season. Ideal to keep a varied underwear drawer, or simply to have plenty of choices when choosing a gift for your male partner or beloved ones.

It’s Polyester, stupid!

The main difference between these new styles and the recently announced MAX Light TERRA is the cut and material. While MAX Light is manufactured in a 90-92% to 8-10% viscose/elastane blend, FEEL Suave is manufactured in 92-95% to 5-8% Polyester/Spandex mix. Giving them its velvety feeling and sturdiness as well as its moisture wicking capabilities.

Fabric Name Content range Content range
Modal-Lycra (Light) 90-92% viscose 8-10% elastane
Suave Microfiber (Suave) 92-95% polyester 5-8% elastane

Whether you’re into Fall tones of blue or green, now you can enjoy the beautiful colors in a broader spectrum of styles including FEEL Suave thongs, bikinis and boxers, as well as MAX Light boxers, midcuts and thongs.

Perfect for rainy and or sunny days when you want to stay away from your usual black or white underwear, TERRA will give you a refreshed and sexy fit.

Either in Bijou or Olive, the new FEEL Suave TERRA will help you welcome the coming season in a friendly yet stylish manner.

Pair them with a fancy pair of socks and you might arouse several around you. If you haven’t got any of the new TERRA styles for fall, what are you waiting for? Check all styles

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