Feel COBRA: Limited Edition Thongs, Bikinis, Mini Boxers and Midcuts

Feel COBRA: Limited Edition Thongs, Bikinis, Mini Boxers and Midcuts

Cobra: The Latest Fibers To Feel!

The latest newcomer to the
FEEL family is a perfect match for the 2014 autumn season. These new styles will bring a bright brown-yellow and earthy tones to your drawer and closet. Don’t miss your chance to get one of these limited edition styles.

Radiance Guaranteed

The COBRA Feel style comes in a yellow and brown blend that will look perfect in you this autumn season. Wear these styles by the pool, locker room, shower, or just in your (or someone else’s) room. The colored patterns will give your anatomy indescribable shapes that will encahnce your attributes unlike traditional solid underwear.

Microfibers in 3D

Plenty of colors, many shades and four styles comprise this collection of men’s pouch underwear. From our famous Feel mini boxer low-cut style, to the newly welcomed brief Midcut style, you’ll want to include one or four of them in your underwear collection. The three-dimensional Feel pouch is designed to give you genital support while also giving you ample room in the pouch to move your junk around. No matter what the climate or situation is. We understand the male anatomy. We know things can bigger or small down there. That’s why we really recommend a loose fit for this particular Feel Cobra style. Experiment this new and colorful low-cut styles without worrying about your size. These colors will bring plenty of natural shades and contours to your anatomy, making it look better from most angles. Feel Better, Feel Ergowear!

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