Fall Preview: MAX Suave Gold, the Season’s Delight

Fall Preview: MAX Suave Gold, the Season’s Delight

While NASA scientists have announced the possible existence of liquid state water on the red planet Mars, we are announcing the possible existence of gold under your pants…

A golden star is born

Fall Preview: MAX Suave Gold, the Season's Delight

The new
MAX Suave Gold mini boxers, bikinis and thongs available in burgundy, royal, dark turquoise and black with a glossy waistband in gold.

After a thorough deliberation of whether to
indulge ourselves in gold, or to simply add some spark to one of our most successful collections, we opted for the latter and created a new collection that gives the beloved MAX Suave line an elegant and extremely-stylish new element.

Picture yourself as that fancy cousin of yours, or any other sibling from
wealthy and abundant lands and you’ll be one step closer to feeling the sheer joy and delight of wearing gold under your pants.

MAX Gold StylesWith a flashy and stylish color combination of macho Burgundy, prosperous Royal Blue, appealing Dark Turquoise or the always present and never out of fashion bold Black, the new MAX Suave Gold styles will complement your prized collection of men’s designer underwear.

Whether a bikini, a thong or the mini boxer, the new collection is aimed at giving a classy and
sexy touch into your underwear drawer.

With special care and even more careful crafting, this collection will give a
warm and fancy feeling this fall. Ideal for enjoying the rest of the year in a manly and sexy fashion, the new styles of men’s bikinis, mini boxers and thongs with pouch will awaken a sexier you.

A distinctive photo shoot at a distinctive residence

Ergowear MAX Suave Gold style

What better location to present an intimate gathering than an intimate, precious boutique hotel! Last time we presented the Vermouth Suave
photo shoot at the beautiful terraces of The Aubrey Hotel. This time we moved the scene to the intimate and classy bar in said hotel.

Located in an eclectic and bohemian part of Santiago, the hotel features medieval stone water arches and exotic landscaped terraces, and its main building designed by leading architect of his time, A. Mannerelli.

A beautifully restored mansion formerly belonging to an old Chilean family, the hotel sits at the foot of the San Cristóbal hill with the Virgin Mary Statue overlooking the city. In a wonderful eclectic neighbourhood with many side walk restaurants, bars, local art galleries and convenient access both from the Costanera Tollway to the airport as well as Santiago’s extensive metro system.

Whenever you are visiting Chile, you seriously don’t want to miss this gorgeous place, adequate for an intimate reunion or express rendezvous.

A chic and exclusive collection

The session was photographed by
Andrés Cabezas, and modelled by Rodrigo Zamora and Verónica Fiore, and as you can see from the photographs, the gilded waistband creates an extremely classy style matched only by the elegant deco of the sophisticated room.

Don’t miss your chance to impress your friend (or lover) with the new
MAX Suave Gold collection of men’s pouch bikinis, thongs and mini boxers.

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