Boxers, Briefs, Thongs? A Buyer’s Guide to Sexy Undies

Boxers, Briefs, Thongs? A Buyer’s Guide to Sexy Undies

Boxers, Briefs, Thongs? A Buyer's Guide to Sexy Undies
Your Holiday Guide When Shopping For Sexy Men’s Underwear

A few hours before 2016 is over, we decided to publish something slightly different this time. As opposed to most yearly round-ups, we wanted to give you our view on the everlasting questions about whether to opt for
boxers, briefs or thongs in your underwear drawer this season?

It used to be that men’s underwear was merely another item of clothing to put on without a second thought. But then came the metrosexual man and buzz words like ‘fit’, ‘comfort’ and ‘support’ mattered to him.

Designers started paying attention and suddenly, men had a plethora of
styles, sizes, colors and brands to choose from.

But now that there are all these options and all these pouches to think about, shopping for men’s pouch underwear is not always an easy task.

Along with comfort, fit and style, what you’ll be doing while wearing your underwear also matters. Will you be most comfortable wearing
boxers, briefs or thongs, and what’s the difference between them?

This Years-end shopping guide breaks down the pros and cons as we explore the world of boxers, briefs and thongs for a happy end of 2016 and a warm welcome to 2017.


MAX MESH Boxer - Black

This classic underwear style may be viewed as old fashioned by some but the good old boxer is still very much in vogue.

At the time that the boxer was designed, men probably didn’t care much about their underwear being stylish, and having it cut to the mid-thigh was once considered high fashion. With this design still around today, the boxer’s loose, baggy cut offer little support to the genitals.

But these days, when men pay much attention to
fashion, the tendency of boxers to bunch up beneath the pants is a big turn off for some. All that extra material makes it difficult to look cool in skinny jeans.

do have a sturdy elastic waistband but that’s all the support you’re going to get with this underwear. They’re not recommended for wear during sports or any physical activity, times when you certainly won’t want your genitals to be bouncing around and risking injury.

At night time however, boxers get a thumbs up. The loose design turns out to be excellent for a comfortable sleep. And since they’re often made of cotton or some other light material,
boxers tend to be highly absorbent to keep the genitals cool and dry as you snooze.

And there’s more good news for the classic boxer. Its design is also constantly evolving, as designers recognize that not all men want to feel snug in their undies.

The Ergowear collection features slimmer cuts that are shorter in length and not so loose in fit as older versions. These options are available for men who champion the
boxer design and are looking for a comfortable underwear for daily wear.


FEEL Classic brief whiteFor guys who prefer a more snug fit, a comfortable, fitted brief is the way to go for day to day wear. With the close fit, briefs offer much more support to the male anatomy than loose fitting boxers. Another plus?
Briefs fit perfectly underneath skinny jeans!

The evolution in men’s underwear design means more style options for men, such as low-rise and mid-rise briefs that are specially made to be worn with low cut pants or shorts.

Because the design is highly supportive and keeps the genitals firmly in place,
briefs are suitable underwear for working out, jogging, playing sports or just going about your daily routine. They are known to be super comfortable even when worn for long periods.

Some men are attracted to briefs because it gives the illusion of making their legs appear longer. Men also tend to feel more attractive in close-fitting briefs that hug the waist and enhance their package.

And if you want to show off those toned thighs, a brief will definitely accentuate the positives for the world to see.

Briefs come in a variety of fabrics but look for the ones that are naturally absorbent to wick away moisture. You’ll find plenty of options in the
Ergowear collection.

They feel better on the skin and will ultimately feel much more comfortable during physical activity and longer wear. There are a few men who think of briefs as old fashioned.

However, they are the most popular underwear style, and newer, sexier designs have only raised their appeal.


Thongs are for those days when you want to show your adventurous side and make sure that the world sees the full glory of your attractiveness.

Thongs typically consist of strong, support fabric to the front leaving your buttocks exposed.
Minimal coverage means avoiding issues with bunching up of fabric beneath your clothing. That way, you can wear whatever you want and not have to worry about showing an imprint of your underwear.

MAX MESH thong black

Men who want to show off their package, toned body or leave little to the imagination may choose a thong. This style of underwear is great for showing off, and you don’t need to have a model body to wear one.

Wearing a thong definitely enhances your
sex appeal and signals to anyone watching that you’re not afraid to explore your wild side.

Best of all, this ‘barely there’ underwear still provides a firm hold for the male anatomy. Even with minimal coverage, thongs in the Ergowear collection are designed to support the genitals, keeping the testicles firmly in place as you move.

You can don a pair of thongs at the pool side, to the gym, or for a night of adventure, and these designs are comfortable enough to wear even during everyday activities.

Boxers, Briefs AND Thongs is the answer!!!

The key to choosing the right underwear is to
know why and when you’ll wear it. Regular day to day wear requires a good fit and comfort.

However, the issues of
support and moisture control are factors to consider when choosing underwear for workout or physical activity. And style matters most when you want to be sexy and adventurous.

If you’re ready to invest in high quality underwear, these options are available at

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