Best Pouch Underwear Styles For Men Who Lift, Run or Score

Best Pouch Underwear Styles For Men Who Lift, Run or Score

This is part one of five in the best pouch underwear options for active men. This time we take a look at soccer, running and working out.

Best Pouch Underwear Styles For Men Who Lift, Run or Score

Rio Olympics are just a few weeks away. Enthusiasm is rife and preparations are keeping everyone busy. Almost everything is set for the
first ever South American held Olympic Games. But the world will not only be watching the athletes performance and main celebrations, but the athlete’s outfits as well.

For that reason, we decided to give some suggestions of some pouch underwear styles that have proven themselves to be
active-men friendly. Either because of their
durability, breathability, heat-dissipation, comfort and even chaffing-avoidance. These underwear styles are surely a must-pick for all active men out there.

Does Wearing the Right Underwear for an Active Lifestyle Matters?

When you have an
active lifestyle, one of the essential items you need every day is good underwear. But some guys may ask is it really necessary to wear a different type of underwear for the long list of activities they do every day? The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons (and opinions) why wearing the right underwear for different activities matter.

For one, with the right underwear,
you can avoid irritation and chafing in the groin area as a result of the constant movement of high impact activities. There’s also the urgent need to protect your sensitive man parts from injury, as well as the matter of excessive sweating which can be just as uncomfortable. Luckily, there are many underwear choices to fit perfectly with your lifestyle whatever your preference or level of activity. From breathable fabric to firm support and protection, many stylish and comfortable options are available for active men of all shapes and sizes – from the extreme sports fanatic to the guy who just enjoys the occasional workout.

Here’s a look at some underwear options for men to wear when playing soccer, running, or during a workout.

Finding the Right Soccer Underwear

MAX Premium - Best Pouch Underwear for Soccer

Whether you’re a professional athlete or play soccer just for fun, wearing the right underwear is very important in this game and other high activity sports. This is one time when you definitely don’t want to deal with the discomfort of chafing, or worse, get stopped by an injury to the groin. Fortunately, there are solutions to avoid these problems.

For soccer underwear, we recommend both the
MAX Premium midcut boxer briefs as well as the Gym Jockstrap for strong and comfortable support all throughout the game. These boxer briefs feature an ergonomic pouch that is so designed to help prevent the chaffing that can occur during the constant friction while playing soccer. The cotton-lycra fabric encourages better air flow and fits comfortably for long wear. The design also hugs the body from the waist to the mid upper thigh for a snug fit.

Similar support is found in the ergonomic and spacious pouch of the athletic Gym jockstrap. It too provides support by lifting the genitals, offering protection while giving more flexibility of movement. The jockstrap is made with Cotton-elastane fabric which optimizes sweat control during periods of high activity. Comfort is enhanced with wide elastic straps that complement the firm support that this underwear gives.

Running with Comfort and Support

MAX Premium - Best Pouch Underwear for Running

Moisture control and strong support are important when it comes to
choosing the best underwear for running or jogging. That’s why the
Max Mesh pouch boxer and Max Mesh bikini pouch are highly recommended as two of the best underwear for running. Both are made with the breathable polyester/spandex Mesh fabric which is best suited for the constant friction that occurs when running.

However, the best thing about these two pouch underwear designs is that the fabric allows for a better air flow to reduce sweating within the pouch. This mesh fabric is thinner than traditional fishnet making it extremely airy, and perfect for those with
overactive sweat glands. Less sweating means that the runner feels drier, fresher and more comfortable during the activity. In addition, the low cut pouch is designed to secure the genitals by gently raising and keeping them safely out of the way of the constant movement of the thighs.

Another type of innovative underwear that is highly recommended for running is the
X3D male thong. Made with a combination of 80% Polyamide/20% Spandex, this design also features a three dimensional pouch that cradles the genital area for a firm, yet gentle support. Additionally, the silky microfiber fabric keeps moisture from sweating at bay. The X3D male thong also has a super-slim, ultra-low cut waistband that adds a sexy shape to the design that looks good and feels comfortable underneath running attire.

Workout with Firm Support and Sleek StyleMAX Premium - Best Pouch Underwear for Working Out

In the gym, a
good workout requires the support of even better underwear. Of course, this is also when moisture control, firm support, and protection from injury are three very real concerns. Any of these problems can cause serious discomfort and may force you to cut the workout short.

Luckily, one of the
best underwear for working out is the
FEEL Suave mini boxer. This underwear is an excellent choice for working out. Its large pouch makes this a highly supporting undergarment that is very suitable for high impact activities such as an energetic workout.

FEEL pouch is what makes this underwear revolutionary, a design concept that gives added support to the groin by supporting the genitalia, raising it up and away from the thighs. That way, the wearer can exercise freely knowing that there is strong support and less risk of an injury.

But what really makes this underwear great for workouts is its lifting and adaptable design. The velvety
microfiber textile quickly adapts its shape to the wearer’s habits while feeling extraordinarily soft and gentle on the skin. In addition, this type of fabric expels moisture and dries quickly to prevent sweat buildup in the groin area. Another big advantage is that the softness of the material helps the wearer to avoid abrasions and chafing.

Also recommended for working out is the
Gym Compression Shorts. These compression shorts are specially designed for use in intense activity, allowing flexibility and freedom of movement by lifting the genitals and containing them apart from the legs. This type of design also helps the wearer to avoid injury in the gym. With a lower cut in the front, the sporty style is also very comfortable to wear under loose fitting clothing.

It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

While not exclusive, these underwear options give you a starting point when
choosing an underwear style for your active lifestyle. And although we’ve talked thoroughly about either choosing or comparing the best pouch underwear style. This time we made an effort to give you a guiding point when choosing your next fav style for your next fav physical activity, besides you know what 😉

If you’re an
active man, then it’s a good idea to look closely at underwear options to ensure that they provide comfort, support and protection as you engage in your indoor or outdoor activities. The various design options were created to adapt to your active lifestyle and give your greater freedom to do the things you want to do.

Are you an active man? Do you agree with our offering? What underwear styles do you prefer for an active lifestyle? Leave us a comment below or sign up to our newsletter to stay informed of news!

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