Best Pouch Underwear for Travellers and Extreme Climates

Best Pouch Underwear for Travellers and Extreme Climates

Part two of five in the best pouch underwear options for active men. Now we take a look at travellers and hot and cold climates.

Best Pouch Underwear for Travellers and Extreme Climates

Last time we talked about some underwear styles for playing soccer, working out in the gym and for running. Now let’s take a look at some of the best options in men’s pouch underwear for traveling and that come handy for extreme hot or cold climates.

For those of us who enjoy
comfort and freshness, few things can be as annoying when traveling as forgetting to pack clean, comfortable underwear. In fact, clean underwear is right up there with the cel phone, power bank and toothbrush on the list of must-haves for any trip.

But not all men’s underwear are created equal. Some are designed to fit better and even feel better on the skin in certain
temperatures, while others are simply for the aesthetics.

Here’s a look at some of our top picks for men’s underwear when on the road.

Safe For Sexy Traveling

underwear for traveling

One of the best underwear for traveling is the
Ergowear FEEL Suave Bikini for men. It’s size, fabric, style, durability and fit make this one of a kind undie for travellers everywhere. This highly supporting undergarment carries the unique FEEL pouch concept, which features a large seamless pouch made with microfiber textile that feels velvety soft on the delicate skin of the genital region.

The FEEL pouch is what makes this underwear such a
revolutionary concept and the ultimate in comfort just when it’s needed. The innovative design of the 3-dimensional pouch lifts the genitalia up and away from the thighs, comfortably adapting its shape to wearing habits over time.

In addition, the
advanced microfiber technology quickly expels moisture and dries fast so that it stays comfortable even during the most hectic days. The design is completed with a concealed waistband for an extra low rise.

For an even sportier look, pack a pair of
Ergowear’s MAX Premium midcut boxer briefs. This trendy style features a label waistband in vivid white color and Heather seams finished in contrast stitching. This is one of the most comfortable men’s underwear ever made, thanks to the stretchy cotton-Lycra fabric that fits incredibly snug from the waist to halfway down the upper thighs. The ergonomic design of this cotton-elastan also promotes better air flow for added comfort.

To Keep You Fresh in the Hot

Underwear for hot climates

When the temperature hits the roof and the air con is on
full blast, it’s time for a
MAX Mesh men’s bikini. Why? This expertly designed bikini is made with a breathe-through polyester/spandex Mesh fabric, specially designed for better air flow especially in warm climates.

Thinner than traditional mesh, this fabric is excellent for
very hot days, giving the wearer an airy feel without being too transparent. The low rise underwear also boasts Ergowear’s signature waistband with skilfully placed contrast stitching for a stylish, trendy look.

Stay Warm, My Friends

Underwear for cold climates

As the seasons change, it is highly recommended that you also change the type of underwear to continue giving
adequate support and comfort in the genital area. Ergowear’s
midcut boxer brief is made with an ultra-comfortable Polyester-Lycra fabric with length cut to the mid-thigh that not only provides warmth but also protects against chaffing.

The 100% ergonomic design boasts the revolutionary
FEEL technology that features a large 3D pouch with extra room that makes it extremely comfortable to wear, especially for workouts or intense sports.

For the man who cares as much about comfort as fashion, the Ergowear brand of men’s underwear is the one you’ve been waiting for. On the
hot days, cold nights and any climate in between, there’s a suitable option among the wide range of styles and designs available. For your next trip, make sure to pack the right underwear for the occasion among the essentials.

Anything To Fancy Your Panties?

If you’re a man of action, it’s a good idea to go for the very best pouch underwear options to ensure you’ll perform at your highest level. From climbing to the top of the mountain, to the rocky bottom of the ocean, to the sand dunes and the icy Amazon in your next adventure.

Try yo always keep a style that will support not only your boys, but yourself throughout the whole day. Now you know it. If you want to achieve great things in life, or simply
make history, the best plan is by starting your day with the right underwear.

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