7 Secrets Women Know About (Sexy) Underwear for Men

7 Secrets Women Know About Sexy Underwear - Ergowear

7 Secrets Women Know About (Sexy) Underwear for Men

A man in
sexy underwear is every woman’s fantasy. Traditional boxers and briefs no longer fulfill the fantasies of a modern girl. They want their men to look as sexy as they are.

Now less is more and kinky inner-wear triggers the desires of many ladies. They won’t let you know but the truth is: The man who is not shy to show-off his
sexy underwear is the one who often wins the race.

Erotic undies aren’t always the first choice for most men. However, there is nothing which better reflects the unique and confident personality of the wearer. And everybody loves a man who is confident in his own skin.

We spoke to several women, and here is what they will never tell you about
sexy undies for men.

1. They find it sexy too

Gone are the days when being a man meant choosing between boxers and briefs. Women, today, also want to see their man in something more sexy like a
bikini or thong. This is one of the primary reasons why there are so many
sexy underwear for men available in the market today.

woman hugging man in sexy underwear

2. It hugs you in all the right places

When you choose the perfect pair of
sexy undies for men, they complement you in all the right places. Giving you the right lift and support only pouch underwear can provide. And women absolutely love that!

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to highlight his assets. It exudes confidence and charm, and that’s definitely a huge advantage.

3. It tells them that you are not shy

If there is one thing that women don’t like, it’s a man who is
shy about his sexuality. When women see a man in sexy skivvies, they immediately know that you are anything but shy.

Having your package front and center is probably the best way to tell your woman that you are not afraid to experiment with your sexuality.

4. Shows you care about your appearance

If you are one of those men who think that wearing sexy underwear is “gay” or a “girly thing”, then we have got news for you.
Women actually love men who take care of their appearance. Women consider the looks and sexiness of a man as well.
Erotic undies for men are definitely one way to show them that you care about your appearance. The latest styles in modern male underwear can show you really care about your looks.

5. It’s masculine

Most men shy away from
sexy men’s underwear styles for certain preconceived notions. Maybe because it’s not advertised in Men’s Health magazine. Or maybe because men feel that wearing a thong, bikini or tight boxers will make them look feminine. This could not be farther from the truth.

If you have been holding back due to this reason, then it’s time to stop. Women find men proud of their assets masculine enough.

6. It’s classy

There is nothing cheap or sleazy about
sexy underwear designs for men. Some sexy men’s underwear styles are absolutely classy and stylish.

And the view from the back is great too. A man who is not afraid of trying new things, is definitely someone women desire.

7. It’s great for foreplay

The sexier you look, the better the foreplay is going to be. It is just as important for you to look and feel sexy for the mood to get going.

Next time you’re looking to steam things up, why not try some
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