6 Must-Have Male Thongs For a Special Valentine’s Day

6 Must Have Male Thongs - Ergowear

6 Must-Have Male Thongs For a Special Valentine’s Day

6 Must-Have Male Thongs For a Special Valentine's Day
Ready for a special treat?

You’ve done it before. There’s no reason to stop now. You’ve enjoyed the
empowering feeling of wearing a male thong. Its grip, support, enhancement, comfort and arousal is hard to forget. Do you remember?

The last time you wore one, you couldn’t help but confess to everyone close to you what you were wearing.

You particularly enjoyed its
cool airy feeling while enjoying a firm support. You couldn’t help but stare at your chiseled butt anytime you had a chance. The mirrors kept admiring you, and you kept admiring them back.

The hot season did you no harm. You were prepared with your
next-to-nothing underwear. Firmly grasping your genitals in an up and to the front position. While keeping your rear airy and ventilated. Your buttocks never felt so firm and alive.

Oh, the memories. They keep coming back…

So when the big day arrives, what underwear style would you like to get caught with? Is it going to be a thighty-whitie? a boxer, bikini or brief? Nah, I’m sure it’ll be a thong. After all, who can say no to a sexy thong?

Our team got together and pulled this list of the
sexiest male thongs we have in stock. Who knows, maybe you’ll like a couple or already own a few?

Whichever, here’s some staff picks to get you (and your partner) aroused this
special day.

1. MAX MESH Thong – Black

Male Thong Staff Picks

Low-cut thong in black mesh with red stitches. This black and red will bring a
sexy and passionate look to your privates. Arousal is warranted.

  • The crush: Lighter and airier than other mesh fabrics.
  • The quirk: Aesthetically arousing.
  • The frame: Workouts, runs, yoga, every day.

2. MAX LIGHT Thong – Olive

The recently announced TERRA collection is a
must-have for any underwear enthusiast. Its trendy color brings a 2017 pantone-awareness we haven’t seen in a while. Available in Olive, Camel and Bijou, two of these earthly colors caught our attention.

  • The crush: Made from natural fibers, but better.
  • The quirk: Earth-like tones with a beige plush waistband.
  • The frame: How about trying these in the wild?

3. FEEL SUAVE Thong – Bijou

Our second pick for this thong selection is the Terra bijou thong.
Aesthetically pleasing thong that will bring your wittier self. Nature inspired but exhaling sophistication.

  • The crush: Laid-back low-cut no-seam thong. A must-have, agree?
  • The quirk: Pure class in an essential bijou color.
  • The frame: Perfect match for Fall season, pair it with blue or black jeans for a sexy and smart look.

4. FEEL Thong – Black or White

Male Model wearing FEEL Thong White

Speaking of low-cut style, the well-established FEEL line honors this list with the FEEL thong in black or white colorfast Polyester/Spandex. Being the first thong in the Ergowear line to include the adaptable pouch. This convenient design offers
style and adaptable comfort.

  • The crush: We can’t take our eyes away from this tiny piece of fabric.
  • The quirk: A time-honored pouch adorns this style.
  • The frame: For the gym or relaxing.

5. X3D SUAVE Thong – Dark Turquoise

A man’s jewels can never have too much support. The X3D offers this and a lot more with it’s “nose” shaped pouch with lifting effect. Manufactured in a springy microfiber, it’s
elastic and super resistant.

  • The crush: The prominent looking pouch.
  • The quirk: A nearly-invisible vertical seam and full-blown support.
  • The frame: A bit risqué but would make any dress-pants look hotter.

6. MAX MESH Thong – Grey/Black

Running in sizes S to XL, these flawless undies, manufactured in polyester/spandex MAX Mesh lycra, offer
high elasticity and optimal breathability. Your safest bet for a special Valentine’s day.

  • The crush: Fearless, enhancing and ultra comfy.
  • The quirk: It’s breath-through not see through fabric leaves little to the imagination.
  • The frame: Wear them at the gym, especially when changing in the locker room.

You’ll hit the jackpot!

This coming Valentine’s may be your lucky day. But it may also be your best night ever. So you shouldn’t miss the chance to make a
first great impression this Valentine’s date. Or any other special date.

Even if you think there’s no time or partner to enjoy a pair of these. Get a male thong and be ready for a terrific Valentine’s time,
every time.

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