6 Bad Underwear Habits Men Need to Change

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6 Bad Underwear Habits Men Need to Change

Whether you don’t really care about underwear and you’ve gotten used to wearing the same underwear style since high school, you’re too embarrassed to ask, or you just don’t know for sure, when it comes to good underwear habits, men have some work to do.

Briefs, boxers, midcuts and thongs can harbour millions of bacteria with experts saying many of us are contributing to the problem by not paying enough attention.

It may come as a surprise to no one that a British
study found that men’s underwear habits were less than inviting. One in 10 men admitted to wearing underwear up to seven times before washing them, and about the same number said they own underwear that is more than 10 years old!

Why are men doing this? Apparently, a lot of men are unaware of what constitutes healthy practices when it comes to
underwear hygiene. And poor hygiene is not just a turn off for their partners, it can be unhealthy too. Here’s a look at some common bad underwear habits men have and what to do about them.

Bad habit #1: Not changing underwear every day

Man looking at underwear calendar

Health experts say wearing the same underwear for several days can lead to a buildup of bacteria from sweat and body fluids. This increases the risk of fungal infections in the genital area, which means redness, itching and a whole lot of discomfort.

Recommendation: Change your underwear every day!

Putting on clean underwear every day keeps your groin area fresh and discourages the growth of bacteria. Not only will your genitals feel and smell fresher, you’ll avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of having to deal with an infection down there.

For all day comfort, choose
Ergowear’s FEEL Classic midway brief which boasts the ultra-comfort of the Polyester-Elastane fabric. The mid-thigh cut features a large adaptable pouch with extra room to perfectly accommodate the male anatomy while protecting against chafing.

Bad habit #2: Not wiping properly

Man with stinky butt

If you think “skid marks” are normal and that everyone has them, then you’re definitely
not cleaning your bum the way you should. The presence of skid marks could mean that bacteria is also present and when that gets mixed in with sweat you’ll start to feel itchy back there.

Recommendation: Don’t be stingy with the toilet paper!

Spend an extra minute to clean your rear properly so that your underwear will also stay cleaner for longer. You may also consider using flushable wipes to leave your bum feeling fresher and itch-free.

Bad habit #3: Wearing tight underwear

Your underwear should fit well but it shouldn’t be squeezing the penis and balls into one big lump. Sadly, a lot of men think that compressing the genitals is okay even if it causes some amount of discomfort. However, wearing too tight underwear can cause aches and pains in the testicles and could also
lower the sperm count.

Recommendation: Find your size and wear it

Underwear exists that
fits comfortably AND supports the genitals. You don’t have to choose one or the other.
MAX Mesh midcut boxer brief is one such anatomically correct and ergonomically designed underwear that provides plenty of snug support, while slightly enhancing the male anatomy. It also features a three-dimensional pouch which lifts and supports the genitals to reduce the risk of injury.

breath-through mesh fabric keeps the groin cool and moisture free. Do your research and shop around for the perfect size that fits your unique anatomy and provides the right amount of support that you need.

Bad habit #4: Not buying new underwear

New Pouch Underwear

If you’re one of those men still wearing 10 year old underwear, stop it! Over time, the fabric of the underwear deteriorates and its support of the genitals will
weaken as a result. You’re not doing yourself any favors by wearing torn or worn out underwear.

Solution: Buy new underwear more often.

Whether or not you choose to make it an annual birthday treat is entirely up to you, but you should create a habit out of
getting new underwear. It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and experience the latest trends in men’s underwear.

If you’re ready to shop, try out the new
FEEL Classic
Boxer or Brief. This underwear features the FEEL adaptable and slightly-lifting pouch, a large seamless pouch that lifts the male anatomy up and away from the thighs, and comfortably adapts its shape to the wearer’s habits over time.

Other features include
advanced microfiber technology designed to quickly expel moisture and dry fast to stay comfortable all day long, as well as the highly supportive microfiber textile that’s soft on delicate skin.

Bad habit #5: Wearing loose underwear

Man with gigantic underwear

The other extreme is just as bad for your body, wearing underwear that’s too loose. Sure you want to feel free, but you certainly don’t want your package flapping around and announcing itself at inappropriate times. Please get rid of your tighty-whities once and for all.

Solution: Choose your underwear according to the occasion.

There are many different styles of underwear on the market that are suitable for different purposes. For example, if you lead an active lifestyle, you will find the
MAX Light line of pouch underwear offers extra support for high impact sporting activities. It also has an enhancing pouch which lifts the genitals up from between the legs, reducing the risk of injury.

Bad habit #6: Wearing the wrong underwear

Man wearing woman's underwear

It’s not as if you would wear women’s underwear, ehem. But men with sensitive skin, especially those who are prone to jock itch in the groin, should avoid underwear made with
certain materials. Silk and latex fabrics are not good at removing sweat so there may be excess moisture buildup when you wear these types of underwear. With the extra moisture, rashes can form in the area and lead to overgrowth of the bacteria that causes fungus.

Recommendation: Choose breathable underwear

Underwear made of nonabsorbent material presents the best option, particularly if you live an active lifestyle or live in hot climate. The
Ergowear brand of men’s pouch underwear is created with breathable, moisture wicking fabrics that remove excess moisture and keeps the genitals dry even in high-intensity activities like sports or at the gym.

One of the best options is
MAX Premium Midcut Heather boxer briefs, made of cotton-polyester-spandex material that promotes better air flow and is a trendy, comfortable style for all day wear.

If your underwear habits have a bad rap then it’s definitely time to do something about it. Just a few small changes can make a big difference and keep you healthy and fresh where it matters the most.

Your turn. Have you seen any bad underwear habits we forgot? Maybe some you’re not particularly proud of but can’t tell if their bad habits? Leave your comments below of signup to our newsletter.

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