5 Sexy (and Classy) Underwear Styles for Halloween

5 Sexy (and Classy) Underwear Styles for Halloween

Whether you’re into thongs, bikinis, boxers or briefs, here’s 5 styles for Halloween that will not give you spooks, but that may thrill all those around you.

There’s something about Halloween that makes us want to wear something
risqué and special under our clothes. If a golden or pink men’s underwear is not your thing, and whether you are into thongs, bikinis or boxers, we skipped the obvious cheesy underwear and bring you five sexy mens underwear styles for you to wear on Halloween party.

1) Feel Mini Boxer Black Suave

Designed with our signature FEEL pouch, the style offers a refined and convenient look. Whether you like your manhood to point front, up or sideways, the pouch in the
black mini boxer FEEL Suave will give you complete control over your wearing habits. If you are planning on getting disguised for Halloween, this low-cut, no waist-band men’s tight underwear in black will complement any costume you choose to wear!

2) MAX Bikini Grey Premium

Because sometimes your Halloween costume is a robe or something tight and loose, it might be handy to choose an underwear style that is tight, compact and still fresh. In come mens bikinis. With its cotton lycra yarn for better air flow and comfort, the
MAX Premium bikini heather is a safe bet. It’s minimal yet sturdy construction offers a piece that will suit all those Halloween togas and kilts.

3) Feel Thong Mink Suave

Now that we are into compact underclothes, there is no better way of protecting your assets, yet having the freedom of feeling like going commando, than men’s thongs. The extremely soft and exclusive fabric of the Suave line make the
Feel Thong Mink Suave style a highly sought after product. If it gets to hot or you feel like showing a little skin, and you are into thongs, you really need to try this style. The mink color offers a sexy and mysterious flair that no other colors can match.

4) X3D Mini Boxer Dark Turquoise Suave

Suave comes in many shapes, and we couldn’t avoid suggesting the advanced X3D mini boxers in Suave fabric. Their pointy nose will give you more lift and control than other styles. The sexy and silky feeling of the Dark turquoise
X3D Suave Mini Boxer fabric will certainly become a turn on with the heat of the night. Don’t forget to thank us after this happens.

5) Bikini Swimwear Indigo Feel

There simply is no Halloween party without a cocktail by the pool in a manor. Or at least that’s how we would like to imagine ourselves on halloween night. And as the daylight fades, and lightbulbs flash, your
indigo swimwear FEEL will flash. Designed for both attention seekers or more conservative party-goers, this men bikini swimwear offers a nearly-invisible drawstring that adapts to your needs. Try not to scare everyone around you when deciding to unfold.

male underwear styles will you use to keep you warm this Halloween? Are you planning on enhancing your costume with underwear? Let us know in the comments below or sign up to ur newsletter and be notified of special sales!

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