3 Step Guide to Choosing Non-Traditional Men’s Underwear

3 Step Guide to Choosing Non-Traditional Men’s Underwear

3 Step Guide to Choosing Non-Traditional Men's Underwear
Only for bold males

You’ve finally made your choice about getting a
modern looking and non-traditional pair of underwear. Maybe you’ll go for boxer briefs. Maybe you’ll opt for longer midcut briefs. You might be thinking about a bikini. Maybe even a mini boxer in mesh fabric. You may even be planning your next romantic escape wearing a male thong.

If this is you, congratulations. You can skip to step number two. Knowing which style you need is the first and most important step in
leaving traditional boxer briefs behind. Go ahead, give yourself a pat yourself on the shoulder and jump to step number two.

The Journey Continues

Underwear evolved

First things first, we decided to further explain our previous post on the journey to
sophisticated underwear for males. We believe there’s still a lot of debate about what styles to choose and why to choose pouch underwear over tighty-whities.

We’ve also released several
new products since.

Choosing underwear is not very different than choosing any other type of clothing. Thus it should not be taken lightly.

Since you’ll probably wear your underwear more times than any other type of garment (unless you go commando), you should
dedicate enough time to getting the right type of underwear.

Let’s say you were to choose a
bag for traveling. Would you take a large or small backpack? A satchel or briefcase? A duffel bag or messenger bag? There is no right answer since it all depends on your specific needs.

Maybe you plan on using the bag for storing a sketchbook and drawing materials. That type of bag would have to be of a different size and shape than a bag for storing books and a laptop.

You may need something completely different for storing your clothes and shoes, a yoga mat, or even a surfing board!

Of course with underwear there’s less variety in the
storage field, ehem, or less than we would like to believe.

Still, it’s important to choose wisely what type of underwear you should buy next. Especially if you’re getting any type of non-traditional underwear styles.

This article is not about reasons to get pouch underwear. Since you’re here, we assume you already have an interest in trying pouch underwear. You’re here probably because you want some advice on
which specific style to choose.

And this is exactly what we’re going to teach. A 1-2-3 guide to choosing a pair of underwear
fit for your manhood, which also provides a stylish look and all-day comfort.

Step 1. Decide Which Style You Need

First of all, no matter which style you choose, congratulations on taking the first step. You’re now part of the

Non-traditional Underwear styles

But there’s no full-scale revolution without its beginner mistakes. So we’ll use this chance to shed some light on the
often underrated, but never forgotten, topic of modern men’s underwear.

If you live in a suburban area with average temperatures, you might want to follow this tweet-long rule to choose an underwear style.

Use midcut styles when wearing jeans. Pick a boxer for dress pants. Use a thong for sweatpants or shorts.

If you live in an area that gets either too cold or too hot, or you want a fool proof rule to picking an underwear style, then read this.

Midcuts are great for
cold climates, where you need more than average coverage. If you also happen to chafe often because of your daily activity or because you have wide thighs, you should get a midcut.

If you chafe and live in a warm area, get one of the latest
Mesh Midcuts. They create an incredible airy feel while also being non-chafing and without the transparency of most mesh fabrics.

You should also check this style guide for choosing an
underwear style based on your body type. Even if you’re really into a particular style, or you are not used to wearing anything but tighty-whities, you might want to leave the style choice to the experts for once. 😉

Try these styles based on your body type:

  • Pick a mini boxer if you have an apple-shaped body.
  • Choose a midcut if your body type is pear-shaped, meaning a smaller upper body compared to broader hips and thighs.
  • If you have a slim body, you can wear almost any style, except the baggy undies. A great choice is the mini boxer.
  • Get a bikini if you’re short. This will make your legs look longer.
  • If you are tall, opt for a midcut style. This will give a more aesthetic look to your physique.
  • Finally, if you’ve got an athletic build, thank your genes, and choose any style you want. You probably look great with or without any clothes at all! 😉
  • Now, for the average guy, opt for fitted underwear. You might want to be more risqué and try a bikini or even a jockstrap for a change. Both great for intense physical activities.

Step 2. Select Your Desired Pouch

At this point you may be saying to yourself,
ok, so I’ll try the mini boxer. Or maybe a midcut or even I’ll get a bikini, so what next? how do I know which style?

Once you’ve made up your mind about the style, all you really have to worry about is what feeling you would you like to experiment with, and how
comfortable you would feel by wearing a pouch.

Men's Pouch underwear styles

Say you decide to try a more
prominent looking bulge. In that case, you can go with either a MAX or X3D pouch. Both of these styles offer an up and to the front bulge with a medium to high enhancement of your anatomy.

While this will surely get some
looks, another pro is that it can help you with some physical activities. We’ve heard from customers how the uplifting pouch helps them practice surfing, while avoiding smashing their balls, for example.

Ballet-dancers, yoga practitioners, gym enthusiasts, footballers, basket-ballers and many more pro and amateur athletes all benefit by wearing
underwear with a lifting pouch.

Generally speaking, our
best-in-class ergonomic design is created because of the quality and care of our pouches. From perfect cross-stitch sewing, correct length, and cut, these pouches have been perfected to become your everyday support.

If on the other hand, you want to feel an enhancing pouch but aren’t too sure about the push-up effect, you may want to go with the
non-confining Feel pouch. The difference between FEEL and the MAX or X3D pouches is the vertical seam. FEEL is manufactured with no vertical seam, yet it also creates the anatomical bulge for supporting your jewels.

It is designed in a way that you can point your tool either up, to the side or facing down. Without a worry that it’ll feel confined. The
FEEL pouch creates a little hammock, convenient for many activities but also for showing off.

Step 3. Choose the Optimal Fabric

Brand FEEL X3D MAX Premium MAX Light MAX Suave MAX Mesh FEEL Suave
Feature / Fabric Polyester-Spandex Polyamide-Spandex Microfiber Cotton-Spandex Modal-Spandex Polyester-Spandex Microfiber Polyester-Spandex Mesh Polyester-Spandex Microfiber
Elasticity Medium High Medium Medium Medium High High
Humidity absorbtion Medium None Medium High Medium Medium None
Breathability Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High Medium
Antimicrobial No No No No No No No

Among the many benefits of
synthetic fibers versus cotton is the fact that they do offer more shrink protection, moisture wicking, durability and anti-wrinkling capacity than traditional cotton. While all of these may not matter much in T-shirts or bed sheets, it really makes a difference in underwear.

Since underwear is usually washed after every use, and its use often involves
lots of sweat after all-day use, it makes sense to wear underwear designed to last longer, be moisture wicking, and that doesn’t shrink!

Theres nothing worse than buying
anatomically correct pouch underwear made of cotton to suddenly realise it has shrunken after the first wash!

A lesser-known truth is that synthetic fibers tend to
fade less as well as hold their shape a lot better than cotton. Again, if you’re buying underwear that comes with a pouch, it makes sense to manufacture these in a lasting material that won’t look like a melted purse after a few uses.

In Ergowear you can try several varieties of synthetic fibers including items manufactured in:
Polyester-Spandex, Polyamide-Spandex Microfiber, Cotton-Spandex, Modal-Spandex, or Polyester-Spandex Mesh. But that’ll be the subject of another post.

What we’ve presented is a simple but effective
guide for choosing non-traditional underwear. Of course, the best judge is always you. What we say or recommend may not always mean the same for every male. Physiques vary as much as the definition of comfort, enhancement, and the very same daily habits.

What we are simply trying to accomplish here is give you a brief 😉 overview of the fascinating world of men’s underwear.

In general, we hope to have enticed you at least a bit into changing your underwear habits, or maybe even experimenting with different styles. Do you dare?

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