20 Best Men’s Pouch Underwear and Swimwear To Try in 2018

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20 Best Men’s Pouch Underwear and Swimwear To Try in 2018

2017 was quite a year. From never-ending breaking news alerts in the forms of tweets, to a series of natural disasters. We are all now feeling very post-2017 and eager for 2018 to be better.

Now it’s a good time to look back and see your achievements and failures during the past year. It’s also a great time to get rid of your old undies and get some new underwear to begin a fresher, comfier and better-fitting year.

Don’t let the new year slip by without trying a hyper comfy underwear with pouch or a stylish enhancing swimwear.

This year you’ll either become the main attraction, or get unwanted attention, either way, you will definitely be noticed when you wear one of these underwear and swimwear styles with a pouch.


Here are our top ten picks for the best men’s pouch underwear (in the world?), according to sales and customer feedback. Whether for comfort, looks, or fit, these 10 products made it to the top in our 2017 best products list. We thought you’d appreciate this is to get new undies in 2018.

  • MAX Premium Boxer Heather
  • MAX Light Boxer Black
  • MAX Light Thong Black
  • MAX Mesh Boxer White/Grey
  • MAX XV Boxer Space/Grey
  • MAX Mesh Midcut Grey/Black
  • MAX XV Boxer Navy
  • MAX XV Thong Space/Grey
  • X3D Thong Black
  • MAX Mesh Thong White

You’ll notice we’ve included several of the recently announced XV Collection. As you can see, the new line has been a tremendous success and most likely will remain this year.

It’s stylish, yet classic look, along with the sophisticated and ultra soft fabric promptly placed XV among the best-selling products during 2017.

Without further ado, here’s our Top 20 men’s underwear and swimwear styles of 2017. Even if you’re only using them for comfort, see which of these underwear and swimwear pairs you own, or are thinking about buying next.

1. MAX Premium Boxer Heather, Life changing!

MAX Premium Boxer Heather, Life changing!

This outstanding heather boxer designed in our MAX style comes with our label waistband in vivid white color with grey Ergowear logo and best-selling Premium cotton-lycra fabric.

The boxer provides complete back coverage as well as full support and a sporty look. It’s full-lasting fabric makes these boxers an all-time best-seller.

Customer Testimonials:

“I’ve ordered several more pair (for my always uncomfortable man) in various styles to try out, and he says he’ll never wear conventional undies again. Happy man.”

“I’ve never worn such a great pair of underwear. Awesome support”

2. MAX Light Boxer Black, Great support, luxurious fabric!

MAX Light Boxer Black, Great support, luxurious fabric!

The new MAX Light version is a revamp of the 2016 design. With contrast stitching in grey, it looks more stylish and daring.

The 2017 version of MAX Light is manufactured in super comfy viscose-spandex Modal/Lycra that provides added stretch and resistance to shrinkage.

Customer Testimonials:

“Every guy needs to own several pairs! These are by far the most comfortable underwear ever made!”

“I like feel, fit and form a lot. Also very good quality. Get yourself a pair an see for yourself”

3. MAX Light Thong Black, Great fit, cool comfort!

MAX Light Thong Black, Great fit, cool comfort!

Showcasing our non-binding, sporty-looking, signature waistband in black and grey, the 2017 MAX Light thong looks even more stylish and daring.

This thong is low cut, yet fully supportive. It almost feels like an invisible hand cradling your jewels 24/7. The slight enhancement is achieved by the masterfully designed pouch and sewing techniques, as well as cut.

Customer Testimonials:

“Amazingly comfortable and supportive for everyday wear! I’m a lifetime Ergowear customer!”

“I’d never figured me wearing thongs, and it’s more for comfort vs fashion or looks. No bulking, and less sweat when I’m working. Non binding. Great fit, cool comfort!”

4. MAX Mesh Boxer White/Grey, Toujours un produit de grande qualité !

MAX Mesh Boxer White/Grey, Toujours un produit de grande qualité !

One of our all-time best sellers, these mesh boxers provide such freshness and ventilation to your manhood, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try mesh briefs earlier.

They have been manufactured in our best-selling MAX design, making them look sporty while at the same time, the fabric gives you a silky feeling to the touch of your skin.

Available in white, grey and black, along with several special editions released every now and then, the Max mesh boxers in white/grey should have a permanent space in your underwear drawer.

Customer Testimonials:

“I bought these originally to wear under my board shorts. Now I want to wear them ALL the time! I hated the feeling wearing board shorts with no liner. These underwear keep everything in place and sweat free and dry quickly. Perfect fi too.”


5. MAX XV Boxer Space/Grey, Excellent!

MAX XV Boxer Space/Grey, Excellent!

Although the XV line has just been launched a few months ago, it’s become a staple in the MAX line.

Initially launched in 28 styles, including midcuts, boxers, briefs, bikinis and thongs under FEEL Classic and MAX styles in navy, space grey, white / gold and white / navy colors, the anniversary edition summarizes Ergowear’s latest effort on bringing innovation into the pouch concept in men’s underwear.

The MAX XV Boxer, already topping the charts of the anniversary edition XV collection. This top-of-the-line and elegant boxer will heighten your mood and give you absolute comfort all day.

An 11% elastane mix was added to the XV fabric, making it even silkier than Suave, one of our softest fabrics to date.

Customer Testimonials:

“Excellent. Very comfortable”

6. MAX Mesh Midcut Grey/Black, THE MOST COMFORTABLE!


The three-dimensional pouch in these Midcuts offers plenty of space in the front section, while also providing subtle anatomic enhancement and full all-day support.

Breathe-through but not see-through, the MAX Mesh line is fabricated in a high-quality breathable polyester/spandex Mesh lycra that brings lightness, durability and better air flow hardly matched in traditional men’s underwear.

Optimal for use in hot or cold climates; these long short midcut can also be used as a discreet liner under your workout pants, board-shorts or regular jeans.

Customer Testimonials:

“Hands down this is THE MOST COMFORTABLE midcut I have ever worn. It almost feels like you have nothing on, yet you get just the support you need – especially for the guy who has a lot to support. And not to mention how well it breathes or, especially that it is very sexy looking”

“The most comfortable underwear on the planet”

“These ergonomically designed underwear fit so closely without being tight and keep you fresh and comfortable all day”

7. MAX XV Boxer Navy, extra giving!

MAX XV Boxer Navy, extra giving!

Another hit of the new XV line are the extra-giving men’s boxer MAX XV in navy.

Manufactured in a long-lasting, hyper flexible and supportive fabric, that’s probably softer than silk, these are our softest and most recent styles yet.

In commemoration with our 15th anniversary, the new XV line is defined by an elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated style. The navy color and new material only complementing the best-selling MAX style.

No reviews yet, as this is one of our latest products and our review system takes up to 45 days before sending a review request. Read this post to find more about our industry-standard review system.

8. MAX XV Thong Space/Grey, masculine microfiber!

MAX XV Thong Space/Grey, masculine microfiber!

Another style recently announced, the new MAX XV thong has become one of our best-sellers so far.

Even surprising ourselves, as we are seeing more men opting to wear a thong instead of boxers or briefs.

Male thongs have become the new cult product in men’s fashion.

It’s freshness, comfort, durability and flexibility while wearing, washing, and carrying them around turn them into an all-round product that’s not for the faint of heart, yet perfect on its own.

9. X3D Thong Black, best all around thong!

X3D Thong Black, best all around thong!

This highly seductive men’s thong features our signature three dimensional pouch in a bold X3D style. A silky microfiber in black brings unparalleled comfort.

The X3D collection is all about the pouch and a low-cut style. Designed to lightly lift your genitals in an upward position.

Customer Testimonials:

“I love wearing thongs and I feel like the X3D Thong is better now than the ones I purchased a year ago. The fabric feels softer and the thong strap feels wider than before which I like the feel of better.”

“This is the best daily wear thong I own. Love the silky, stretchy fabric on my skin. The styling is sexy and minimal but has enough fabric in the right places to allow for all day comfort. Excellent support up front and not too tight. These move with my body all day long at work and never get bunched or sag and allow for a full range of motion while keeping the package safely and comfortably out of the way. I hope they never discontinue this item. It’s on top of my list next time I place an order”

10. MAX Mesh Thong White, Fantastic quality!

MAX Mesh Thong White, Fantastic quality!

Including MAX’s signature waistband in a clean bright, and an extremely breathable mesh, both in white manages to reach the 10th place in our yearly list.

The mesh is not too transparent, yet extremely airy, which makes it perfect for guys that sweat a lot. As usual with our pouches, the bulge will lightly raise your genitals in a safe and comfortable manner.

The elegant color, soft fabric and contoured profile will arouse everyone around you. The mesh fabric only adding to its comfort and breathability.

Customer Testimonials:

“These thongs are super comfortable. The porch fits perfectly and is very supportive, but what really makes it is the mesh fabric, I feel like my manhood is sitting on a breezy screened in porch, rather than a windowless storage room with no ventilation. I’d wear only these in public if I could!”

“Very masculine and comfortable male underwear, fits pretty well and gives a nice bump look from view display, highly recommended. thanks for making wonderful products.”

11. MAX Premium Bikini Heather, muy muy cómodo!

MAX Premium Bikini Heather, muy muy cómodo!

The second MAX Premium of our products that made it into the top this year is our Premium Bikini heather.

Manufactured in a top-quality cotton/lycra fabrics that provide extra air flow, comfort and looks.

Excellent construction and materials make these one of the best fitting male underwear.

Customer Testimonials:

“The MAX premium bikini – heather is made with a soft, light fabric that is great for hot weather. The pouch has a great fit and keeps things where they belong and there is full seat coverage so you can wear these all day.”

“These are the best underwear ever! The fit is perfect if you follow the size chart. The best feature was the pouch! Amazing how it places your ‘package’ in a comfortable spot and it remains. No more having to adjust… …Also, the wife loves every pair I have!”

12. MAX Suave Boxer Black, fit for comfort!

MAX Suave Boxer Black, fit for comfort!

Black men’s boxer with our signature waistband in black. This mini boxer MAX Suave provides minimum coverage, yet a nice and deep three-dimensional enhancing pouch, signature of all our products.

This mini boxer is manufactured in exclusive and technologically superior Suave microfiber. It’s solid construction and chemical composition makes it resistant to tear, while providing great durability, elasticity and dry control.

Get them before they run out!

Customer Testimonials:

“Love the comfortable fit and feel of the material. I’m hooked for life and don’t see myself buying any other brand”

“I bought these in the middle of a current drive for a more lean muscled body… As the fat has come off, these look better and better on me… The comfort is really unlike any other underwear, really top quality!!!”

13. FEEL XV Midcut Navy, ultra soft!

FEEL XV Midcut Navy, ultra soft!

Another style of the XV collection that makes it to this list is the comfortable and sexy FEEL XV midcut navy.

It’s silky soft material is specially selected to provide a refreshing touch and feeling hardly matched by conventional underwear.

This top of the line XV collection offers a refined design that will beautify your underwear drawer.

Designed to give you uttermost pleasure throughout your day, the navy midcut is stylish, comfortable and supportive.

14. FEEL Classic Boxer Black, favorite boxer!

FEEL Classic Boxer Black, favorite boxer!

A simple, but never basic boxer brief designed to provide ultimate comfort as well as a stylish look.

This fitted men’s boxer-brief has a classic look, ideal for men just starting in the non-traditional world of men’s underwear. They will not draw as much attention as our MAX line, yet, they provide support and comfort where needed.

It includes our exclusive FEEL pouch of flexible support and adaptable positioning of your anatomy, while offering a best-in-class and a great starting product.

Customer Testimonials:

“You can really show off your package with these underpants”

“The material is so soft and its comfortable on the skin. But I recommend these for guys with a smaller butt.”

15. FEEL XV Boxer Space/Grey, ultra soft!

FEEL XV Boxer Space/Grey, ultra soft!

The last item of the XV collection that made it to this list is the recently launched FEEL XV Boxer Space/Grey.

This top of the line and tasteful boxer will enhance your undies drawer, while at the same time giving you ultimate comfort all day.

It’s manufactured in a luscious material specifically picked to give a delectable feeling. Made in Germany, it contains an 11% elastane mix designed to provide resistance and elasticity.

The XV line is a celebration of our 15th anniversary. It provides a softer than silk fabric, that’s cool to the touch, resistant and highly durable and elastic. Our most technologically advanced fabric to date, XV offers both style, comfort and durability , a combo hardly seen in men’s underwear.

The XV line has rapidly become one of our best selling full lines, because of its technological superiority, and unparalleled design.

Thanks to your continued support, we’ll keep innovating in men’s underwear. We hope you take this chance to fully revamp your underwear drawer for next year.

16. GYM Mesh Jockstrap, sexy jock!

GYM Mesh Jockstrap, sexy jock!

If full support, enhancement and extreme ventilation is what you’re looking for. These GYM jockstraps have it all and more.

Suggested only for those that exclude confidence. Your buttocks will be slightly pushed, giving you a boost on intense physical activities.

These jocks have been carefully designed and upgraded in order to provide all-day support that stays in place.

Seams in the pouch have been sewn in contrast white stitching, for added enhancement to your pouch, while warranting more durability.

Customer Testimonials:

“The sexy red gym jockstrap fits wonderfully and feel great. It grips in all the right places and perks up my bum”

“I was looking for a jockstrap with more place for the bulge, especially when wearing a cockring. This is the only brand I found and it looks great”

17. FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Royal, made for fun!

FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Royal, made for fun!

This carefully designed swim trunk in royal blue has been anatomically designed in order enhance your profile and buttocks, while giving you a defined profile.

Including our exclusive FEEL pouch, the bulge is a deep change to men’s swimwear. Designed to keep your testicles up and away from your legs and thighs, it adapts to your anatomy and wearing habits.

The FEEL swim line was recently upgraded after customer comments. First with the addition of more colors and styles, and secondly, with minor changes to the pouch cut as well as to the drawstring.

All of these changes were applied to most of the FEEL swimwear styles, but the Mini trunk royal us a truly standout undergarment for pro and amateur swimmers alike.

Customer Testimonials:

“The style is daring and fun, while the fit is perfect and the vibrant color is the icing!”

“I am a big man, usually xxl, however, my xl is very comfortable, with plenty of room in front. With usual “Feel” room to move and my package looks good. I have just started to swim regularly again and always wear my Feel swimmers.”

18. FEEL Swim Bikini Black, Just great all the way!

FEEL Swim Bikini Black, Just great all the way!

Specially designed to please both conservative consumers as well as attention-seekers, the FEEL bikini black is very comfortable and will look great on you.

The bikini cut integrates the pouch fairly well, giving you freedom to place your anatomy as you please, without having to worry about it being too out there, crushing it, or just not being lifting enough.

With just the right support, these FEEL swimwear bikinis in black are a must next time you’re by the pool or beach.

Customer Testimonials:

“Recently purchased a black FEEL bikini brief from Ergowear. As a rule, I prefer smaller swimwear for my regular regime in the pool, but as a well endowed guy, despite not being at all shy about the visual effect, I have always found this to be a slightly ‘crushing’ experience. I found the FEEL bikini briefs very comfortable, giving my package plenty of room to sit comfortably whilst lifting everything up front as advertised. They are also less revealing than the speedo-type equivalent when everything is ‘centred’. The ability to place everything to the side is rather more explicit, and I was a little worried that everything might find its way there, but everything stayed in place well enough, so I guess you don’t need to go there if you don’t want to”

“We planned a trip to Brazil and I wanted a suit for the beach. I discovered Ergowear and ordered their FEEL Swim Bikini. The fit was great, comfortable and I am really pleased with the quality”

19. FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Black, love showing off?

FEEL Swim Mini Trunk Black, love showing off?

Black men’s boxer briefs swimming trunks with our exclusive and roomy pouch.

This masterly crafted swimwear includes an insert that will enhance your bulge and buttocks, while creating a subtle slimming effect with its curved pattern.

Manufactured in a modern blend of Polyamid/elastan fabric, it dries extremely fast while being resistant to abrasion and wear.

Customer Testimonials:

“Fast delivery of a soft short with a great fit. I use this short at Bikram Yoga. The short is very comfortable during the lesson, with plenty of room in front, with usual “feel” room to move, and my private parts look good”

“This style & cut are by far my favorite set that I have. I now have a few pairs in various colors. I’m a size 33 waist & the Large is about perfect with just enough room for everything to fit just right”

20. FEEL Classic Brief White, Feels Amazing!

FEEL Classic Brief White, Feels Amazing!

This FEEL Classic fitted men’s briefs have a traditional look but are still true to our ergonomic principles. They feature a roomy pouch, with a supportive waistband.

The fabric looks and feels just like cotton, except they are made of an entirely different Polyester-Spandex fabric composite.

These guys will not draw as much attention to your crotch, as much of the other styles. While at the same time still providing support and lift for your package.

Another important feature of these is the non-crushing and adaptable pouch defining the FEEL line. You’ll probably end up wanting many more of these.

Customer Testimonials:

“Bought these for my husband. He loves them for working in the heat. Loves the fit and comfort”

“Best underwear I have ever owned…and I have tried everything. They are comfortable and allow my stuff to be the way it’s supposed to be. Great fabric”

As you may recall, 2017 was a year marked by many good news, including several innovations in our company, products and services. If you want to read more about our yearly achievements read this article on the history and innovation in men’s underwear.

2017 marked our 15th anniversary. It also gave us XV, our milestone collection. And it also served as a reminder to continue manufacturing the best men’s underwear with a pouch.

2017 will be gladly remembered by us for many years to come. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for being our valued customers.

We really hope 2017 was as good for you as it was for us here at Ergowear. Keep it up! And remember, just Ergowear them!

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