15 Years of Innovation in Men’s Underwear (With Video)

15 Years of Innovation - Ergowear

15 Years of Innovation in Men’s Underwear (With Video)

It has been a heck of a ride. For the past 15 years that we have been designing, producing and selling men’s underwear, we have seen how attitudes towards underwear have evolved.

Left to right, top to bottom. Loincloth, codpiece, Boxing shorts and Calvin Klein underwear

The shift has included everything and everyone, from designers, producers, suppliers, retailers and consumers, to distribution channels, manufacturing techniques and even the decreasing conservationist view of what’s socially acceptable.

While changes on these past 15 years have been dramatic, the evolution of men’s underwear goes back even further. From the earliest prehistoric loincloths that provided protection from environmental factors, to 16th century codpieces shaped and padded to emphasize rather than to conceal.

From the boxing-inspired boxer shorts invented by Everlast Co. in the 20’s, to the first men’s Y-Front Jockey briefs of the mid 30’s.

And from the Calvin Klein boxer briefs, so ubiquitous, teasing and provocatively advertised in the 90’s, to the wide variety of underwear styles we see nowadays, including the many concepts of pouch underwear.

We’ve seen many changes these past 15 years, and we’re glad to say we’ve become part of that change. We like to believe our underwear designs have helped push men’s (and women’s) views out of the traditional underwear mindset.

We also got to meet some amazing people and been introduced to so many new concepts and issues about men’s lifestyle, fashion interests, and of course, underwear, that is hard to summarize in just a few lines. Nonetheless, we’ll do our best to summarize our major news and changes this past year.

15 Years of Ups and Downs

It’s been 15 years full of emotions, successes and achievements, but some failures too.

  • We’ve had a few product launches that didn’t go as we expected or as we would’ve wished.
  • Although the InCopper line was a revolutionary concept, the name couldn’t survive the trademark battle and we couldn’t keep it.
  • We’ve seen many copycat brands emerge, but still focusing on aesthetics and not on the quality of the product itself.
  • We’ve witnessed the success of the breakthrough FEEL line with every new extension.
  • We keep seeing the best-selling permanence of the MAX line.
  • We’re delighted by the positive energy that regularly comes back to us via online reviews, email, social media or the good’ol postal mail.

Beyond the 15th Year

As we move forward and increase volumes to keep up with the ever-growing demand, we still expect to keep producing some of the top and best selling pouch underwear in the world.

We do realize there are a lot of new competitors in our niche. There is no single month we don’t read about a new men’s underwear brand or men’s underwear concept similar to ours.

And we welcome the many pouch concepts that pioneers keep envisioning. But we warrantee we will keep our high production standards, along with the quality of our current and newer product lines.

If anyone is aware of the budget reaping parades of Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and other ad-intensive or female-exclusive lingerie brands, the men’s underwear market still has a lot to offer. After all, with almost 3 billion men on earth, there’s a huge
market waiting!

Along with maintaining our standards in top notch customer service, manufacturing and operations, we warrantee we will continue our quest for the most supportive, durable, comfortable and stylish men’s underwear in the world. And we expect to keep pushing Ergowear into becoming one of the most recognized lingerie brands in the world.

Major Website Improvements

As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, we’ve been making some improvements to our online store too. Our homepage now offers a more pleasing display of our featured lines. Our product pages now include a 360 product view. Our category pages include more thorough explanations.

You may have also seen some of our newest videos and graphic material, either in our website itself, social media or email. We will keep investing in our branding in order to better showcase our products. All of these changes affect both our desktop and mobile versions. Making your shopping experience in Ergowear more seamless and comfortable.

As part of our new underwear ethos explained below, we will be making additional changes in the coming months.

Enhanced Hang Tag for Enhanced Times

Hang tag with QR-code

If you have made a recent purchase, you may have noticed our bright and new QR-code enhanced hang tags.

While we won’t get rid of the hang tag completely, we’ve dramatically decreased the number of tags which we were shipping our products with.

Instead of the five hang tags we’ve been including in every item we’ve shipped before, all of our products are now shipped with a single foldable hang tag.

The new enhanced hang-tag includes a friendly QR code. When scanned, it will display appropriate care instructions along with fabric, style and branded information of each product.

The new hang-tag, along with our reusable plastic bags, represent our most recent effort towards a more eco-conscious brand.

Our FEEL-GOOD underwear ethos

In order to deliver more value to our customers, our 15th-anniversary celebration also comes with more commitment from our end. Whether in the form of product, promotion, communication or value. We will strive to provide you with MORE as we move ahead.

For this reason, we introduce you to our new underwear ethos.

  1. We will keep pushing the barriers of what men’s underwear should look, feel and provide.
  2. We will strive to provide you with more value on every purchase.
  3. We will strive to improve our communications with internal staff, customers, wholesalers, retailers and suppliers.
  4. We will strive to change the view of traditional men’s underwear and what it can do for your day.
  5. We will strive to be better in everything we do.

And This Is Only The Beginning…

If you’re a reader of our blog, kudos to you, as we expect that one day you will buy a pair of our exclusive underwear and experiment the difference first hand.

If you’ve just made your first purchase of non- traditional men’s underwear, we welcome you back and hope you are extremely pleased with your first purchase.

If you’re already among our thousands of regular customers, we really thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t have made it this far without committed customers like you.

And If you’ve become recently interested in our brand but have not had the opportunity to try one of our products. We encourage you to be part of the revolution of men’s underwear.

Take a step forward and get yourself a new pair of non-traditional underwear. It may turn out to be the single most-important item you’ll wear in your day.

Hope you enjoyed this 15th anniversary post as well as our anniversary video and thanks again for your interest and time!

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