15 Best of the Best Men’s Pouch Underwear Styles of 2015

15 Best of the Best Men’s Pouch Underwear Styles of 2015

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15 Best of the Best Men's Pouch Underwear Styles of 2015

Either because they’re too comfortable, too sexy, too unique, or simply just to perfect to miss, the following is a compilation of some of the best men’s underwear styles of 2015.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your hands, err, junk around one of these to say good bye to 2015 and
welcome 2016 in a sexy, stylish and modern way!

sexy mens underwear styles have been selected because of customers acceptance, but also because they offer a unique bleed of excellent craftsmanship, along with superb materials and fit. In fact, we’re so proud about this achievement that we recently started promoting our customers website, brand, or company reviews in a Pinterest board.

Check it out in case you are not yet familiar with what we mean when we pride ourselves of being the creators of the
best men’s pouch underwear in the world.

One final thought, don’t let 2015 slip by without trying some pouch underwear style, you’ll notice an immediate difference in how many looks you can get, but also in how much pleasure you will get from a day wearing a bulge that cradles your jewels in a
too-comfy-to-miss manner!

And speaking of slips, we thought about starting this list with a couple men thongs that were a hit in 2015. If you can get your manhood around these paragraphs, then you’re probably all set to start your journey into the always evolving and never facile world of
sophisticated men’s underwear.

1. FEEL Suave Thong Mink, even for confirmed non-fans of thongs!

Of course there’s no denying that the thought of wearing a man thongs has crossed your mind. Even probably gearing to some men advocates about its comfort and convenience. But still, you haven’t been prone to try one. Well, if 2015 is to be remembered for something fun that you did, why not wearing a thong becomes part of your new year’s ritual?

Feel Suave Thong in Mink is our choice for the 15 spot in our best of best men’s underwear styles of 2015.

Of course the line of Feel Suave thongs comes in black, burgundy, chocolate, turquoise and now vermouth. But is this light brown colored mink Suave Thong that gets our attention. Perhaps its resemblance to
skin tone and its hyper soft material are what really bring out the sensual feel of the velvety material known as Suave.

Offering a roomy pouch, with a low cut and narrow waistband on the hips, this thong still leaves some to the [traviesa] imagination.

Just take a look at some of the customer reviews
here, here and here.

“must have for any guy that wants to make the most out of what God has given him.”

“The fabric used in the pouch is so soft and smooth one feels as if he is wearing no underwear”

“These things are so damn soft and comfy it is ridiculous”

2. MAX Suave Thong Black, Unexpectedly Five Stars!


The next style is also part of the Suave releases from 2014, but a
flagship product already with its signature MAX style, with an ultra soft waistband, cross stitched to give you extra durability, and a vertical seam in the middle for style and to keep its three dimensional shape.

If you are a fan of underwear that is skimpy and sexy, this cut is exactly like that. Consistent with the soft line, Suave offers some of the best
technology and materials in bulge support for male underwear.

As one
customer who find out that these thong was unexpectedly comfortable after having a vasectomy, considering he deeded to keep the boys up and away from the legs in order to avoid any friction.

Although these thongs offers a subtle enhancing style, don’t expect to get super enhanced by them, the pouches are designed to give you comfort all day, without making your bulge extremely prominent.

Bonus tip: As it is typical with many male thongs, some styles can cause some issues by having to adjust the back or front throughout the day. But No adjustment is needed with this thong. They stay comfy and supportive throughout all your workday!

3. Gym Jockstrap Red, First class jock for sports!

Our third item is another unexpected item released some time ago, but still worth mentioning. An long-standing inclusion in the Ergowear catalogue, our signature three dimensional pouch gives these
jockstraps a fresh new life.

Originally designed to protect against
chaffing for athletes, the jockstrap gives your anatomy enough lift and compression so that it remains supported and protected during any physical activity.

Conceived for intense physical activity, the use of jockstraps is suggested in order to avoid uncomfortable
shifting, strains or even injuries.

“With its sophisticated craftsmanship, deep pouch, and ever softer materials, you need to try them to understand why some men wear jockstraps for sports practice.”

“This pouch style jock offers more support than regular jocks.”

“These fit like a glove! Not an OJ glove either lol. I’m very active and they keep the sweat to a minimum! They look fantastic and make me feel sexy too! I should have ordered more! I love the low rise waist band! I strongly recommend these for anyone looking feel sexy and keep

4. MAX Light Boxer Black, awesome drawers!

The MAX Light
Boxer has become almost a staple in our collection. Some say they even feel like running naked thru flowers, only better.

And the fact of the matter is that you’re missing on something big if you haven’t got yourself into one of these. This is s highly
supporting underwear, with low-cut and enhanced profile, all sewn in quality cross-stitching for more comfort and durability.

You’re going to get an increase of attention, with an extremely comfortable and well fitted style.

Here’s what some customers have to say:

“so comfortable it feels as good as going commando but with support”

“These really are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn, they really keep everything in place and have been wearing these for some 3 years now, I would never go back to conventional underwear again”

“Most comfortable boxer I’ve ever had! My package fits perfectly in the roomy pouch and makes it look huge. Almost too intimidating for public places but maximum impact in the bedroom!”

Err, perhaps a bit too much compared to regular long boxers in the market, but still a winner in the Ergowear family.

5. MAX Mesh Midcut Grey, you’ll love the feel and length

Perhaps you’re already a fan of the
MAX Mesh Boxer Grey, but perhaps you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to experiment a similar style, but now in a longer cut. Enter the midcut.

Offering a
high quality cross stitching, with vertical seams in the middle. The mesh fabric is cool in warm weather and warms in a little bit in cold weather.

Th style has good wicking and good support, with a very natural feeling when wearing this Max Mesh Midcut style.

Also, one of the main features of this
long boxer style in mesh fabric, is that the fabric and craftsmanship helps it adapt to the external climatic conditions. Making it cool in warm weathers, and warm in cold one’s.

recommend for an
active/outdoor person, whether it be warm or cold, this style will keep you cool and dry. Slip onto these before heading out for the gym and you’ll hardly be disappointed!

Scoring 4 in the Underwear Expert underwear scale of
comfort, style, fit, support and quality, here’s what some customers say about them:

“This is the softest most supportive midcut I have tried. Of course it is ERGO!”

“I agree with the other writer s. If you’re wearing heavier pants, these are actually warm. However, if you’re wearing light pants or shorts they breathe easily and are cool.”

6. X3D Suave Bikini Dark Turquoise, in the Top 6 spot!

Number 6 in the top places of premium reseller DGU, these are one of those hidden jewels in the catalogue of our men’s underwear store.

Although the X3D line has been running for years, it’s sleek and hyper sexy style has kept them in the dark for some time, if you know what we mean 😉

With the inclusion of Suave, an almost perfect microfiber consisting of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. The fabric is super
soft to the touch and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry all day.

“I have found it difficult to find underwear that can comfortably accommodate me. The superior design and quality of this underwear provides an unparalleled combination of support, comfort and style.”

No doubt the best underwear line I’ve ever owned!
Nice work

Indulge your passion for
skimpy men’s bikinis and sumptuous fabrics. Its single sweep of material is lusciously soft, with a peach-skin finish for top comfort.

7. Feel Classic Brief Black, Dare!

One of the latest styles, the Feel Classic Brief in Black brings an all-round look into the Feel line, but also becomes an ambitious inclusion into the offering of
Modern-Traditional Boxers and Briefs For Men.

If you’re into traditional
white or black boxer briefs, but are willing to experiment with a more modern contemporary style, include some of the new Feel Classic styles of men’s pouch underwear in your drawer.

We can assure you’ll be delighted and more than happy to have joined the exciting of sophisticated underwear for men.

Still not convinced? Perhaps a quote by Mr Rodrigo Herzberg himself can help:

“While not many males would dare to wear a thong, there is still a gap to be filled among those in the transitional stage and wanting to experiment with underwear that’s not hyper-sleek, yet not too stodgy”

“Through its familiar profile, neutral color scheme, and the addition of a pouch and low-cut and wide waistband,
Ergowear’s Feel Classic style joins the best of both the conventional and modern styles”

8. Feel Classic Boxer White, You’ll not regret it!

Ever feel like some
modern lines of men’s underwear offer a too-stodgy look? Perhaps a thong is not for you? Or maybe an enhancing bikini or brief are simply too much attention grabbing?

If this is the case, you need to try the latest release. A collection of
men’s boxers and briefs in a traditional/contemporary style. these have been designed to appeal to a much broader clientele and to complement one of our best-selling lines.

“While not many males would dare to wear a thong, there is still a gap to be filled among those in the transitional stage and wanting to experiment with underwear that’s not hyper-sleek, yet not too stodgy.”, says
Rodrigo Herzberg.

The style is manufactured in a colorfast, smooth and elastic blend of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex that Looks & feels just like

It includes a highly supportive, 40 mm wide, with logo in the front and the signature waistband, that’s typical of the MAX line.

Initially they have been release in black and white, but we think this will become a Classic and more colors will be available soon.

Never conventional, but perhaps a bit conservative?

“Feel Classic adds a touch of completeness and thoroughness to the Feel line. With a very broad appeal and a classic look, the new styles are set to make the Feel line one of a kind for the
Ergowear enthusiasts, but also for those not yet familiar with the brand”

9. Gold MAX Suave Bikini Dark Turquoise, for your royal highness

If you haven’t seen our
October release, you’re seriously missing a golden opportunity.

MAX Suave Gold edition comes in three styles including, a bikini thong or mini boxer, and in four different color combinations of Burgundy, Royal Blue, Dark Turquoise and Black.

But the item that made it into this list was one of the best selling units of this new line.

We are talking of course of the Bikini in Dark Turquoise, with the glossy and super supporting MAX waistband. manufactured in Suave fabric, the styles offers a unique combination of sexy-ness, luxury and comfort that’s typical of the Ergowear products.

A winning combo if you may, these are probably your best bet to received a happy new year in 2016.

Here’s what some customers are already saying about the line:

“being a well endowed man I need underwear that is both ergonomic and accommodating. So the choice is simple I choose Ergowear”

“If you’re a guy more interested in showing off a little skin but is still a little modest, check out the
MAX Suave Bikini

10. MAX Mesh Boxer Black, mesh boxer briefs for you!

MAX Mesh boxer in black has become a classic for many years, and is what keeps our customers getting back for more and more.

But this time we want to present you a lesser known product, the MAX Mesh Boxer in Black. with MAX’s signature red waistband.

“These boxers provide flexible anatomical support and positioning for exercises like yoga and pilates”

You’ll love the way the pouch snugly encompasses your C+B’s. The fabric
stretches and it’s not too tight around your legs.

Since these are manufactured in
Mesh, you’ll experience a really enjoyable soft feel on your skin throughout the whole day.

The MAX Mesh Boxers in Black are cool for hot
summer days, but still provide great comfort and support. Wear them for work and for other outdoor activities, the mesh boxers give you great support!

And we really, really liked this review:

“As with previous purchases of Ergowear I still believe in the product.

Even more now with the discovery of mesh underwear and how soft and breathable it feels when worn. It creates, as do the other undies, a nice pouch for your junk.

My only comment would be that those with solid thighs (you know those big ones) to take a larger… One size up would do the trick for me because at the end of the day it can ride up and feel too…

But no doubt I keep ordering stuff from here to get a bigger collection everyday.;) “

11. Feel Suave Mini Boxer Mink, your second skin!

One thing you’ll love about this
Feel Mink Mini Boxer is its resemblance to skin tone. Although a similar product is alaos available in the MAX style, what we like about the Feel line is its all-around skin look.

Not only in tone, but also in fit. The pouch of this Feel Suave Mini boxer in mink offers a subtle enhancement, with an adaptable pouch that is also low-cut.

This style is manufactured in Suave fabric, a super soft material with lots of stretch. It is considered by many to be the most perfect fitting brief you’ll encounter.

“These fit very well, and the pouch-lifting capability makes “the boys” stand out”

These will give you much confidence in yourself, showing off your sexy masculine side to a nice lady or gentleman companion.

“I wore these while with my personal trainer (a female), and she wasn’t offended at all. Whether she got a look at the “boys”, I’m not sure.”

“Once you slip these on you will feel as though nothing is on, super soft as if it were a cloud you were wearing. My wife thinks they are super sexy an I must agree they make you feel it!!!”

“Great colour, soft and comfortable whatever way you dress.”

12. TRIO Mini Boxer Black/Grey, Manly!

This list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the colorful
TRIO men’s boxer. For this list we thought abut including the black/grey style, with its manly look and sexy pattern.

Manufactured in a combination of 90% cotton and 10% Lycra, the material offers a natural feel like, providing a perfect fit, support and shape retention.

It is manufactured with the signature pouch with vertical seams and cross stitching, with folded edges for added durability.

The waistband is thick and with the logo to the front.

The colored contour gives you not only a profiled look, but also a shape enhancing in both your bulge as well as your behind.

“It felt great to slip in to my new boxer there is no other brand that fits me so perfectly. I go hiking a lot and this boxer is by far the most comfortable boxer of all it keeps my tools perfectly in place. And it looks great to”

Because its’ always summer somewhere in the world right now, the TRIO Collection is
fun and sexy, making it the perfect mix for the end of summer!

“I bought these boxers in L having a 33″ waist. They fit tightly around ass and legs, so they look damn sexy. Besides that the pouch offers a lot of room in front for the endowed and promotes the whole package nicely.”

13. MAX Premium Boxer Heather, feel like heaven?

A cross between boxer shorts and briefs, the MAX Premium Boxer in Heather contains and controls your “stuff”, yet allows exceptional freedom of movement and comfort.

They hug your rear well, and the front pouch is well fitted.

If there is a pair of underwear that you need to own at least a pair, its the MAX Premium Boxer in heather.

A flagship Ergowear product since ints creation, this style offers a vertical seam, and with the exceptional three dimensional pouch typical of most Ergowear styles.

the fabric is a blend of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex. Offering a feel similar to cotton, but with added elasticity provided by the spandex fabric. This is the secret of our pouches, making them ideal for anatomies of all sizes.

“I was admittedly skeptical about trying these underwear (MAX MESH and MAX PREMIUM) but they have proven to be the most comfortable underwear I own”

If you workout frequently or are a heavy lifter, having underwear that works with your body and not against your body is a major thing to consider. You owe it to yourself to try one pair. You’ll be back for more!

The support offered by these styles is close to perfect, with minimal bunching or riding of material. You’ll wish you’d found these years ago!

“Pouch is really good.
Roomy enough to accommodate genitals. Testicles feel freedom, no any pressure. I like also back coverage. I like boxer design. Very good for every day use”

“The superior design and quality of this underwear provides an unparalleled combination of support, comfort and style. No doubt the best underwear line I’ve ever owned! Nice work”

14. MAX Light Midcut Black, Outstanding comfort!

Imagine underwear that actually holds your jewels, and not squishes them between your legs. Well, enter the
long boxer MAX Light.

Manufactured in a super soft modal-elastane fabric with a 90% viscose, 10% elastan blend, they fit Great and give a good lift to your package.

Providing almost zero riding up, these long boxer offer all day comfort with no need to adjust.

“Thee best overall fitting boxer brief I have purchased! Extremely comfortable 24/7! I would highly recommend the MAX LIGHT MIDCUT Boxer Brief to all men looking for that fit perfect fit they are looking for. Don’t delay do it today!”

We like to bring up the fact that for some reason, customers who regularly shop at Macy’s, Target or Walmart like this product. Perhaps it is the style, fabric, waistband, or simply a combination of all factors along with our hats off customer service, the MAX Light Midcut in Black is a classic product for newcomers into the world of fancy designer men’s underwear.

They are much better for exercising than traditional spandex. The physical appearance of the bulge, even under clothing, may take a little to get used to, but its worth it for the comfort they provide.

“I never thought I’d be writing a Five Star review about underwear, but the ErgoWear Boxer Briefs are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. Sure, they’re more expensive than traditional boxer briefs you can buy at places like Target or Walmart, but once you try these, you probably won’t be going back to wearing those ever again”

“I wish Ergowear would start selling in retail stores like Macy’s for convenient local shopping and to expose more people to what a great brand it is”

15. Feel Mini Boxer Pink, Very Sexy!

As part of our participation into the worldwide rally against female breast cancer, A couple months ago we introduced the limited edition of men’s Pink underwear, including thongs, bikinis and mini boxers under the wear it pink umbrella.

The reception was overwhelming to say the least. We had some media coverage, but also got several awesome tweets and a few other compliments.

Of course Ergowear brand is not always characterised by displaying a variety of colors that pale the rainbow, but this time we diced to give it a shot to pink underwear.

The response encouraged us to include these styles as the final item on this year;s list of best men’s underwear for 2015.

“The Mini Boxer is the perfect shape for the gym honed male. And the Pink is VERY sexy”

Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!


That’s about it for our top 15 products of 2015, and for our blog in 2015. As a final thank you we are having a sale that will last until January 3rd, 2016, 11:59 pm (EST) midnight.

There is no need to enter a coupon, simply log in as a registered customer, add more items and see price drop drastically up to 50% off or more.

What about you? Are you going to use this opportunity and get all these styles? what where your top picks for this year? Any specific styles or colors you are looking for in 2016? Leave your comments in the section below!

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