12 New Styles of Men’s Swimwear by Ergowear

12 New Styles of Men’s Swimwear by Ergowear

Announcing our newest swimwear styles. For those of you not aware about our newest men’s swimwear release. Here’s a brief post (hint, hint).

12 New Styles of Men's Swimwear by ErgowearWe recently announced twelve new men’s swimwear styles in our best selling Feel technology of men’s underwear and swimwear. The new styles feature sturdy, yet sophisticated styles designed to please every male.

For the first time we have been able to introduce a nearly invisible waistband designed to create an adaptable pouch that will please both attention seekers as well as more conservative consumers.

An adaptable pouch…

Taking advantage of the innovative Feel pouch in mens underwear. We have decided to include that feature into all of our newest line of swimwear styles.

Our experience and craftsmanship have allowed us to carefully add a drawstring in spite of having a narrow waistband. This gives freedom of choice to the user. Letting them wear a tight, fitted swimwear or simply a more loose fit.

…for amateurs & professionals

It’s style and fit are designed to please both professionals as well as amateur users alike. Unlike some ultra sexified styles out there, we really wanted to give some freedom to regular as well as to more professional swimwear users.

Not only do these provide for alternative uses, but they are also extremely comfortable, as is usual with all of our products.

The new line is available in six solid colors of bikini swimwear, as well as three mini trunks and three trunks in black and red or blue color combinations.

Top 12 New Styles of Men's Swimwear

With the Feel line of men’s swimwear already positioned and disrupting the male underwear market, we are eager to see the performance of the new swimwear styles.

Read our
press release to find out more about the product launch or read The Underwear Expert synopsis. Or simply see the new male swimwear styles here.

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